Still More Evidence That ObamaCare Is Costing Jobs

Pelosi Official SC Still More Evidence That ObamaCare Is Costing Jobs

It’s about jobs.”

That was how then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described ObamaCare shortly before President Obama signed it into law.

Turns out she was right, although not in the way she meant.

Pelosi was, after all, promising that ObamaCare would create jobs — 4 million of them. But we now know that ObamaCare is killing jobs and slashing workers’ hours instead.

The most recent evidence comes from a Gallup survey of small businesses, commissioned by the Littler Mendelson consulting firm. Gallup found that more than four in 10 companies have frozen hiring because of Obama-Care, and almost one in five have cut workers to minimize the cost of the law.

Read more at Investors Business Daily. 

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