Star Witness In Michael Brown Case Just Received A Crushing Blow To His Credibility

Photo Credit: Twitter/Bahar

Following the release of two autopsies this week, it is clear that the black man shot by Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson was hit multiple times in the front of his body. This detail refutes the initial claims by Mike Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who said it appeared that the 18-year-old was shot in the back prior to spinning around and surrendering.

Johnson, 22, was walking with Brown when Wilson approached the pair. It was later revealed that both men were suspected of a convenience store robbery just minutes before the shooting.

If involved, the robbery – which was caught on surveillance tape and appears to show Brown manhandling a clerk before leaving with stolen cigars – would not have been Johnson’s first foray into theft.

KMIZ reporters did some digging into the witness’ background, revealing a 2011 warrant issued against him. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch elaborated on the charge he was arrested for stealing a backpack and other belongings from an apartment complex in Jefferson City.

When questioned about the crime, he attempted to convince police he was only 16 and used a false name to identify himself. Ultimately, officers retrieved an identification card and determined that he was lying.

On top of the theft warrant, Johnson was charged and later pleaded guilty to filing a false police report. After deciding not to show up to face the theft charge, however, a failure to appear citation was also issued against him by Jefferson City authorities.

While the contradictory autopsy results combined with his documented history of lying to police has convinced many Americans that Johnson’s account of the Brown shooting should not be trusted, those in Ferguson feeding the racial tensions that have grown for more than a week are undeterred.

Filing a false police report, for instance, “doesn’t concern” Adolphus Pruitt, who serves as the president of St. Louis’ National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Bahar

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  1. ~Rick Magee says:

    you can esily tell when Johnson is lying. His mouth is moving! Now how about charging him with Felony Murder and Conspiracy to commit the Riobbery at the store. Aiders and Abettors are Guilty of Murer if a Death occurs as a result. Also the Aggravated Battery on the Police Officer. He took part in that as a partner of Brown's and did nothing to prevent it. He is a puk that hung on to the much larger Brown like a shadow. The Video didn't lie. The Witness who named hm at the Store ID'd him. The Police MUST Charge him accrdingly. The Governor and the Town's Mayor should resign as incompetent. They both need to apologize to the Local Police Department. Send that State Police bafoojn back to his barracks. As Churcuill said, "Appeasment is Surrender on the Installment Plan." The Muslims hated Churchill andloved Hitler. MY, My, My,… And Obama sent Churchill's Bust back to the U.K. when he took Office and gave the Queen an I-Pod with ALL of his Speeches! How gouche. ~Rick Magee, "MOLON LABE"

  2. suzyshopper says:

    Isn’t there some kind of law being broken, by lying too the police??

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