Stalin Would Be Proud Of The Crooks Who Stole Allen West’s Congressional Seat

Joseph Stalin SC Stalin Would Be Proud Of The Crooks Who Stole Allen Wests Congressional Seat

As reports flood the web about massive voter fraud in the presidential election, a statewide appeal  in Florida is going out today to all Tea Party members, conservatives, and independents to contact Governor Rick Scott to urge him to NOT certify election results in tomorrow’s deadline.  Florida’s U.S. 18th Congressional Race is still up for grabs because (reportedly) the Golden Gate Precinct #93, a mobile home park on the border with St. Lucie and Martin counties, had some 900 votes cast with only SEVEN people registered to vote!

An overnight flash Email is stating that “In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes cast.” Volunteer recount watchers yesterday were upset when the delayed canvassing board recount missed the noon Sunday deadline, and Patrick Murphy was named winner.

Keep in mind that the recount was suspended late Saturday night and started up again with a one hour-plus delay on Sunday morning, almost insuring the missed deadline.  A “run the clock” maneuver that may or may not have been a backroom political game-play just was not being accepted by the volunteers.

A publicly announced “The Alarm goes off” if we continue to count given by election officials didn’t go down well with observers, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles to watch what was going on.

As shouts of “Count the Vote” rang out in the Orange Blossom Mall retab room, volunteers were warned that extra police reinforcements were being called in before anything official could be announced.  But they knew from Twitter and Facebook tweets and postings that the thing was going back to Murphy as the senior member of his legal team smiled broadly in the hall outside of this room.  BTW,  Tod Mowry ( 772-460 1100), canvassing board member, spent last week in Haiti while the critical recount and legal actions were taking place. A stand-in took his place!

Now I just felt that the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department men were a little too heavy-handed and rather intimidating with the crowd.  As I pulled up in a handicapped spot, one of them came over immediately to ask “Do you have a handicapped parking card?” “Yes,” I said.  I don’t know what they thought us old people were going to do, impaired gate types that we were.  Sheriff Ken Mascara (772-462-7300), a chiropractor before being re-elected sheriff on an unopposed Democrat ticket, perhaps needs to give his men some community policing seminars to tone down they scary presence, especially with us oldsters.  The media of course were out in full force with camera lens quickly scanning our crowd for wild, out-of-control behavior that never happened.  A lengthy interview with Ft. Pierce utility activist Chris Williams took place, and the audience learned of enormous utility bills (some as high as $1,600 a month) being charged to impoverished black families by a private utility company represented by the brother-in-law of the woman- Gertrude Walker (772-462-1500)-just named new Ft. Pierce mayor, after initially telling the black man he had won!  Williams and his consumers allege that hospitalized elections head Walker misplaced or lost their petition signatures asking for relief from these outrageous charges. They wanted this petition language placed on the November ballots.

“This whole thing has been a total joke,” one Allen West supporter stated.  Where do we go from here?


You can call Governor Rick Scott at 850-488 7146  or fax him at 850 487 0801.


Photo Credit: jokocak1 (Creative Commons)

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  1. There' nothing left to say. These people all need to be put behnd bars and the keys thrown away. Allen West will win next time when we cheat to put him in office.

  2. Hey! Soros spent lots of money setting that up! And he doesn't want Stalin to be getting any of the credit!!

  3. another reason bo was elected…………………

  4. Puddentain says:

    I have even WORSE news (assuming this is true):

    • Nelson the Cat says:

      If anyone believes this, then there is little wonder why they might also have believed that Romney was winning the election.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Even though one of oblameos deepest desires is to be on Mt. Rushmore, I think most of America knows it would never happen.
        Why would anyone want the WORST person to ever have sat in the Oval Office on a monument honoring REAL Americans?
        The article represents satire. Satire is much different than the bold face lies that come from the left and now the WH
        People believing Romney would win was based on facts. With the unemployment rate at record highs and length, the economy in the tank, working on the THIRD downgrade of our credit rating, median income down by thousands, health insurance premiums up by thousands, raising the national debt by 5 TRILLION dollars, who would have thought Americans were such IDIOTS to vote for such a loser and give him the ability to TOTALLY destroy what's left of our nation.
        But then again, did oblameo REALLY win? Never heard of a district voting over 140% of population or MILLIONS of military votes uncounted.
        Just a repeat of his first election.

        • Nelson the Cat says:

          Note my other post re: the supposed "140%". Maybe that was satire too (or, a gullibility detector.) Otherwise it's productive that you at least acknowledge that Americans did, in fact, reelect him. I seems foolish to me for anyone to conclude that half the country (whichever half) is stupid, deluded, warped, dependent, insane, or evil. Perhaps those who think they are alone in the land of the loonies would do better to introspect. 50 million middle-class American who voted for Obama were probably well aware that their wages have been dropping since the '80s, and voted for him anyway. 30 million women women who voted for Romney weren't a bunch of masochists trying to throw away their rights. They voted in ways that some would claim was "against their best interests" for well considered reasons. Conservatives would do better to try to understand that reasoning and start taking it seriously. You can bet the left does, and the proof is in the last election.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Who's contesting the districts that counted cards cast? I'm speaking of the districts that had more ACTUAL VOTES than there is population, or even is registered to vote IN the district. That may be your "satire", to most others it's fraud.
            Now are you speaking of this supposed election or his first when you claim Americans elected oblameo? In the 2008 election, he never had the required signatures on the nomination petition to even BE ON the ballot. I'm sure you heard of the huge fraud in Indiana with convictions. Then how about the voter intimidation charges on the Black Panthers Holder and Obama had dropped.
            He also wasn't voted in by Americans this time either since the WH DENIED our military their vote by losing, misdirecting or simply not delivering their MILLIONS of ballots. How pathetic to sue the one group that without their sacrifice our freedom could be in jeopardy. Of course they had to suppress their votes since the military broke overwhelmingly for Romney. It's also interesting that Oblameo didn't win ONE state that had voter ID laws in place.
            It might do you good to introspect since you are oblivious to the overwhelming evidence of fraud in this "election".
            We all know why those making under $30,000, YOUNG single women and Blacks/Latinos voted for Oblameo, who can turn down Santa Clause? Interestingly these are the ONLY demographics he won. Those not paying their fair share of the taxes with their hands out.
            I'm confident that in a year or so when the funds for the freebies is depleted, and America is back in the New Great Depression, they'll wise up and realize nothing is free. Those in Ohio are already feeling the pinch.
            They'll also realize the fact that it was the Dems, and obama personally, that crashed the housing market. Rather sad Congress blocked the 17 ATTEMPTS to stop the collapse. Next will be the student loan bubble they've made.
            The one great thing about Conservatives is they don't sell their morals and values out like Liberals do for shiny babbles. Pandering is a Democratic trait.
            You better do a little better research. Median income was climbing until this administration crashed the economy. The three failed stimuluses did nothing but throw America further in debt. 3/4th of the funds are STILL unaccounted for. Wonder which lobbyist got it?
            Under the previous administration, we enjoyed UNPRECEDENTED economic growth and RECORD employment. 52 months of uninterrupted job growth, the longest run on record. The economy returned to growth in the fourth quarter of 2001 and continued to grow for 24 consecutive quarters. The economy grew at a rapid pace of 7.5 percent above inflation during the third quarter of 2003 – the highest since 1984. The President's tax relief reduced the marginal effective tax rate on new investment, which encourages additional investment and, in the long-term, higher wages for workers. The facts contradict your claim of declining wages since the 1980's. Also proves reducing the tax burden, instead of raising it as oblameo wishes to do, does stimulate the economy.
            I'd love to know why it was thought a woman voting for Romney was claimed to be "against their best interests". Only young girls would believe that. Grown women are more interested in the economy and employment than if they can get birth control for free. Abortion was never an issue. The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 as an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act and can be found at 29 U.S.C. § 206. Fascinating that the current administration doesn't adhere to this law, and yet felt the need to pass yet ANOTHER one called the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
            Please enlighten me. Why was voting Romney "against their best interests"? As a woman, I'd love to know. Romney offered me the best chance to turn the economy and job prospects around. Romney also offered me a better tax rate on the royalties off my oil wells.
            I still wonder why anyone would vote for the worst person to ever sit in the Oval Office to be reelected. Guess you can't explain ignorance or insanity.

          • Nelson the Cat says:

            Wow, that's a lot of pasting. Bet you ran out of glue. Chock full of inaccuracies that occasionally surround some meaningless fact. The whole rant on equal pay is a good example. The dates and references are right, but conclusion that Ledbetter is redundant because of EPA is quite a leap, and is wrong. Ledbetter overturns a Supreme court decision from the early 80's that limited corporate liability to essentially the past 6 months in most discrimination cases (Ledbetter v Goodyear) It's an act that alters a provision of EPA (which has been vigorously enforced of late), making discrimination potentially more expensive for violators. Isn't "getting tough on crime" a good thing?
            As for claiming the Obama is responsible for the housing market crash, well, since it started in Feb, 07 and was near the bottom in Sep, 08 he must have done it as a lone senator from Illinois using his magical executive powers to over-ride the White House ("These aren't the banking regulations you're looking for.") The rest of the talking points are of similar quality. Still wonder why Americans didn't bite? Oh, and middle and working class incomes have been stagnant for decades. This isn't new or controversial. Flat for most of the Reagan/Bush admin, a little rise during Clinton, a drop during Bush II first term and a recovery during his second until '07 when they dropped about 12%. While over the same period, top incomes grew around 300-500% . Lots of way to measure this stuff, of course, it your trying to prove a point. My point is, however, that conservatives continue to cling to fantasies about stuffed ballot boxes and votes bought with gifts, whining that its somebody else's fault, and they will continue to lose as a result. You're assuming I'm OK with that outcome, maybe I am and maybe I'm not, but if Republicans can't see that they blew the election by offering the public empty cream-puff ideas with a health dose of crazy sauce, and not taking people's concerns seriously, than they'd better get used to this outcome, because it's all they're going to see for the next 20 years.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Typical you would think it was cut and paste. Since you don't have an original thought that is your own, you must project your inadequacies on others.
            You made the claim my comment was filled with inaccuracies, yet you fail to name them.
            The Ledbetter Act IS redundant. You stated so yourself. To quote "making discrimination potentially more expensive for violators" is the only provision this act adds.
            Getting tough on crime is a good thing, too bad the WH is filled with crimes still unanswered for. It's a fact women are not paid equally to their male counterparts in this administration. Will they be held liable for these crimes? It's doubtful.
            You STILL haven't answered why a woman voting for Romney voted "against her best interests".
            You further show your ignorance by claiming the housing market started it's crash in 2007. This couldn't be further from the truth. The crash was inevitable with the creation of the sub-prime mortgage market at the signing of the CRA of 1977. Obama himself played a role in the market crash as an activist lawyer in Chicago, representing ACORN in the 1994 case Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank. In the case, ACORN pressed Citibank to make more loans to marginally qualified Black applicants “in a race neutral way.”
            The market couldn't handle the massive loan defaults that followed.
            You're also oblivious to the fact that the crash was foreseen from the first Bush budget. This I will copy from the WH archives:
            "The Administration warned of the risk that government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac posed to America's financial security beginning in 2001. President Bush's first budget warned that "financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets." In 2003, the Administration began calling for a new GSE regulator. Despite resistance from Congress, President Bush continued to call for GSE reform until Congress finally acted in 2008 to provide the additional oversight the President requested five years earlier. Unfortunately, the reform came too late to prevent systemic consequences."
            Are you trying to argue with history? Can't deny the facts.
            Next will be the student loan bubble the Democrats have made. In fact, it's already started on the down slide.
            I'm not trying to prove a point as you are. History backs my comments. You choose to ignore the facts. Facts like the middle class income rose until the housing market crash, which was avoidable.
            See, this "stuff" has been measured. You just refuse to acknowledge the truth, but that's your problem.
            Just more facts you refuse to acknowledge. Conservatives aren't "clinging" to a fantasy that the ballot boxes were stuffed. They were "stuffed". The military vote WAS suppressed. Will anything be done about it? I seriously doubt it. Just makes it interesting who will be POTUS once Obama is impeached. Yes, the Benghazi scandal is an impeachable act.
            You've made the mistake in believing that I care about where you stand. I don't. People like you will always follow your nose to what ever tail swings in front of you making empty promises.
            What I do care about is the propaganda lies people like you spew. Like obama, you can TRY to ignore, or even change, history, doesn't mean you will succeed.
            Again, Republicans didn't "blow" the election, you just can win against Santa Clause. The middle class/working class broke overwhelmingly for Romney. It was those making under $30,000, young single women and Black/Latinos who voted for Obama. At least, that's what the exit polls said. Are you arguing with these facts also?
            You can roll over and believe we're stuck with this mess for 20 years, I KNOW we won't. I, like others, refuse to accept massive poverty as the new norm.

          • Nelson the Cat says:

            My Goodness! we are nothing if not persistent. So, your points seem to be…
            Ledbetter substantively changes existing law. (Which seems to be the very diffinition of "not reduntant").
            The 2007 housing crash was caused by legislation signed thirty years (and several economic cycles) earlier. By that logic it would be equally true to say that the housing crash wan caused by the Union winning the Civil War, or by some butterfly in Asia flapping its wings at just the right time.
            It was all forseen buy the Republican White House during a period when Republicans controlled Congress, and so the Democrats are to blame for nothing having been done to prevent it.
            Next it will be the evil "student loan bubble" even though if every student loan in the entire country were to default on the same day (probably a Monday, I don't like Mondays) they could be covered for less than the cost of the initial TARP bill. (kind of makes you wonder why we don't just pay more peoples tuition, huh?)
            The rest of your comment deserves the same respect, but time is money…

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            You do seem to be persistent don't you. Your point seems to be to hell with the facts….lies full steam ahead.
            Damn pesky facts. They do get in the way don't they?
            Ledbetter act did nothing but add more penalties to an existing law. It was already law for equality in gender based pay. If the Ledbetter Act substantively changed this, it's no longer LAW to pay women equally to men? Interesting. So you believe the WH should get away with openly BREAKING this law. You've made your point clear. You accept the WH breaking the law.
            Your biggest problem seems to be you refuse to accept reality. I know it's popular to blame others for your mistakes, but REAL adults take responsibility for their actions. Someday you may grow up.
            I also realize you believe history started with the election of Bush in 2001, but in reality, history goes much farther back then that. It goes back to at least 1977 when the Democrats started the housing collapse. I got it. You believe it was just coincidence that many economists warned of the crash. Had to be. According to your "logic", nothing is foreseeable. Just as it's impossible for the economists to see the coming collapse of the student loan bubble, which has started. You're ignorant, so everyone else must be too.
            Just think, only ONE of the three "stimulus" bailouts would have funded THREE TARP bills. I know we were "promised" no more bailouts, but here comes the next one. What right do the taxpayers have in the spending of their taxes. $500 BILLION a MONTH is doing wonders for the economy…isn't it? You mean unemployment is RISING and not falling? Incomes are really dropping while health insurance premiums are RISING? (Even though we were promised they would drop by $2,300) "Free" health care for everyone! (Just ignore that TRILLION + dollar price tag)
            Why stop at free tuition? Don't you also want free homes, free medical care, free food AND a weekly stipend? Isn't that the summation of your fantasy world?
            It IS a fantasy world you're living in. I'll be laughing just as hard when you're forced to wake up as I am now.
            How sad you're still on that "time" merry-go-round. Too bad you don't have the option like I do of sitting back relaxing while watching a pump-jack make your money.

          • Nelson the Cat says:

            In your discussion of Ledbetter you seem to be suggesting that strengthening a law, or altering of of its sections would somehow nullify the law. Since that would be a foolish claim, you must have meant something else, but I cant begin to guess what else.
            Since I've often referred to events prior to the Bush administration, the fact that I think it silly to blame the CRA (one of several anti-red lining acts from around that time introduced and signed by both parties) does not mean I think history started in 2001. I also know that ending red-lining didn't create the "subprime mortgage market," in part because there is no special market for riskier mortgages, and no industry or regulatory definition for "subprime" it's merely a political term. If, in using it, you have a definition in mind its best to state it. In any case, since the crash fell harder on loans that were unregulated by fair lending rules than loans that were, and crashed the real estate market too, which has nothing to do with fannie and freddie, the cause must lie elsewhere.
            The next section is baffling, and seems to be stream of consciousness, so I'll skip it.
            Finally, you're absolutely right, I would not stop at tuition. Along with Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Worship, I subscribe to Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. People should not need to fear that theirs and their children's healthcare will run out along with their money. A world without homelessness and hunger more than ideas, they're possibilities and moral imperatives. And, yes, it means some people eat for free. I'm fine with that. I curious to know Seeks, In what ways do you think you are being harmed (or would be harmed) personally by these things? Not general social harms; real, specific, personal harm? What really is the reason thinking aboout these things gets you so mad, what do you think might happen To You?

          • Nelson the Cat says:

            Left a critical word out of the above post. The line in the second paragraph should read:
            "and crashed the BUSINESS real estate market too, which has nothing to do with…"

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Actually, I'm baffled by your belief that the "Ledbetter Act" filled some niche that was needed. All through the election we were told this "new act" would finally enact a law forcing equal pay to women who held the same position as men. So are you claiming the obama camp lied? Since there was already a law on the books covering this regulation, it's foolish of you to insinuate otherwise. Where's your outrage at the WH for paying women less then men in this administration?
            Since you refuse to accept the fact that the crash of the housing market is directly related to the passing of the CRA of 1977, and furthered by obama's representation of ACORN, you imply you don't recognize history before 2001. If you do acknowledge previous history then that, you're selective on which facts.
            Since you're oblivious to the subprime mortgage market, there's no way for you to understand what exactly happened in the crash. Oh, and by the way, subprime is a term used by mortgage lenders and real estate professionals when referring to individuals who have neither the credit rating and/or funds to qualify for a loan in the PRIME market. Nothing "political" about it.
            It was the default of these high risk loans, residential as well as business, in mass which could not be covered by the guarantor that started the crash. It had everything to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as conventional loans.
            It would help if you did some actual research instead of going off talking points.
            Baffling? Only if you're unaware the Federal Reserve has been given permission, and free reign, to flood the market at $500 billion per month until the "recession" is over. (again) Obviously, you're unaware of this.

            Finally, I find it interesting you use the word Freedom in the same sentence where you state the desire to remove the same. You believe it's freedom to be forced to pay for others? I didn't say voluntarily, I said forced.
            You claim to support Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Worship but yet ignore the fact that Free speech has been stifled and Freedom of Worship has been infringed. Where is the Freedom of Worship when churches are being FORCED to go against their beliefs? Or is this acceptable to you as long as you have free birth control?
            So Freedom of Fear. Is that only concerning having someone else pay your medical bill that you should be responsible for, or do you include Freedom of Fear from a controlling government? The nanny state is gaining ground fast.
            I'm curious. How is it my fault you failed to plan for your future? That you failed to provide for your life?
            Lets get down to your real demands.
            How is it that a blue collar couple can never hold health insurance but yet have 5 children, with 3 having started in the NICU, and pay CASH (in full) for all? How is it that in this same couple, the wife is diagnosed with multiple serious health issues but yet they STILL pay CASH (in full mind you) for all her hospital stays and treatments and still be financially comfortable? I thought you said this was impossible in todays times? How do the Amish survive without health insurance?
            Let me tell you a story.
            Not too long in the distant past, there were these things called charities. Those who found themselves on hard times went to these places and found a hot meal, clean clothes and a place to sleep if needed. Back then most were too proud to ask for help. It was shameful as was having a child out of wedlock. As a couple, you tried not to have more kids than you could afford. A world without homelessness and hunger was a much closer reality, not the "dream" it is now.
            Nice non-fiction story right?
            All those "freedoms" you spoke about, their loss is the reason for how we are today. I've opened my home to MANY hungry and sometimes homeless people. I donate half of my crop each year to the "soup kitchens". I also help serve it. While I will do it voluntarily, I REFUSE to be FORCED into supporting someone who can support themselves.
            If you want to support that girl who is in her 30's with 12 KIDS, living on welfare with her "man", that's your problem. She was quite upset someone was using her trash. She knows they were because she found generic food cans in it and her kids just WON'T EAT generic. At least, that's what she told me. Brought to you by an ever growing, more intrusive government.
            Tell me why I should be forced to give what I have worked for to someone who won't work? To someone who repeatedly makes bad choices KNOWINGLY? To a person who won't take personal responsibility for their lives?
            I'm all for helping someone when they're down. What I don't accept is handouts as a way of life.
            Apparently Freedom is just a word to you.

          • Nelson the Cat says:

            So you're a farmer Seeks? I am very interested in the story about your children and sorry to hear about their difficult beginning. I trust they made it out of the NICU and are in good health today. If otherwise, than my condolences. Is your wife still living? If you don't mind my asking, how long ago did these events happen to you?

            I can't say I've ever heard anything about the woman with 12 children you described. Is this someone you know, or someone you heard about?
            The discussion on Ledbetter and CRA is going nowhere since we have fundamental in the interpretation of events. I saw no promise form the White House that Ledbetter was a panacea, only that it gave teeth to existing laws, a conclusion that I agree with. I am entirely unconvinced of the connection between anti-red-lining legislation like the CRA and the 2007 crash. Snopes does a good job debunking the Obama/Acorn/Citibank = crash narrative. I'm sure you've read it and clearly disagree with it, but I don't share your sentiments. I am highly sympathetic to churches, but don't think they should be treated any differently when they are acting as employers. Thus, the insurance offered by Adventist has to cover transfusions, and, unless minimum standards are changed for everyone, the Catholic Church's insurer will have to cover birth control. Having read a little Dickens (and a few other things), I've been disabused of any belief that there was a beautiful time when charitable efforts were equitable and sufficient. Do let me know if you family is well, and if possible, how you managed such extraordinary expenses paying all cash.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Not a farmer. I don't make my living off crops. My finances are derived from oil wells. I plant an acre or so not only for myself, but for the local soup kitchens. I would say it's more of a hobby. I also offset at least 5 acres for anyone who wishes to plant. The "fee" for use is they donate a portion (their choice in how much) to a local food pantry. It was originally an acre but the response warranted more. As interest grows, so will the available space up to 100 acres. Many of those grateful of the "gifts" have come to the farm to help with planting or harvest.
            The couple I spoke of was my 1st cousin and her family. Yes, the children are all doing fine. Thank you for asking. Their last child, a girl, is 3 1/2 years old now. Melissa isn't doing well. SLE is a very destructive disease.
            As for the woman with the 12 children, I assumed you would have understood when I said what she told me. She rented the home next to my mothers. My mom ended up taking a loss on the sale of her home due to her neighbor. Her story is quite common. Most children today are born to unwed teens. 75% in fact. They also don't stop at just one.
            You never answered if you have a problem supporting people like them.
            I'm sure you believe snopes. I tend to steer clear of sites that state biased conclusions without facts to back them.
            Denial of facts do not negate the truth.
            Still doesn't answer how economists in 2001 traced the pending housing crash directly to the CRA of 1977, and the Citibank suit. The legislation that was finally passed in 2008, 5 years after it was introduced and unfortunately too late, shows they were right.
            Same economists say they see the same signs in the student loan bubble.
            So believe a biased website, but ignore history. I like facts, even though it's unpopular. You're going to believe what you want, true or not.
            With the Ledbetter Act, I have to assume that the obama campaign lied about it. They said it was a law to ensure equal pay for women holding the same job as a man. You disagree. Frankly, I ignored most of what they said since I knew there was already a law for equal pay. There are many YouTube videos concerning the campaign explaining their law.
            Yet again, where's the outrage for the women in this administration who are not being paid equal as the law states?
            I want to make sure I understand. You have no problem in forcing churches to pay for a workers birth control but accept giving waivers to union based companies. So if I want my birth control paid for by my insurance, I will have to work in a church based company and not one of the 1,231 unionized companies that are exempt.
            Only union based companies should be treated differently..right? You do understand it has nothing to do with if birth control is available but who will pay for it? You find it acceptable to force others to support your basic responsibilities? If you can't afford a $9 prescription, you have bigger problems than just your sex life.
            What happened to that word freedom you were just throwing around?
            Charitable efforts have always worked. They worked during the last Great Depression, they worked during Katrina. Charities still work today. The Red Cross, Salvation Army are just a few. Problems came when the government decided it could do a better job and formed FEMA and instilled unproductive regulations. Just think how much more help could be sent to Sandy victims if the government hadn't limited what you can donate. If they would just get out of the way.
            Thanks for asking about my family. We are doing well. Hope yours is fine also.
            As for my cousin and their medical bills, they didn't wait till they had one big bill. When you become pregnant you know there will be a bill for the birth. You usually know at least 7 1/2 months before the birth. Hospitals are required to offer the public the same pricing they offer insurance companies. So first you negotiate the bill. Then you make payments towards the bill for 7 1/2 months. If any problems arise, like they had, you then have a much smaller balance to worry about and again, you make payments. Not much different than having a HSA. Even better since the cap for HSA's have dropped considerably under obamacare.
            So you see, it's not "managing extraordinary expenses", it's preparing for a coming event. It's called being responsible.
            Responsibility has become such an awful word.
            They don't live on credit. I don't either. If I don't have the cash for it, I don't need it.
            They paid cash for their nice home the same as I did. Just think, that interest you pay a year for your mortgage would pay for the birth of a child.
            It's very possible to go through life without debt.
            You never mentioned how you contribute to the hungry and homeless.
            Do you do as others and throw some cash once a year, usually around the holidays?
            Actions speak louder than words. Just think, less than 30 years ago people were able to get medical care without going broke. What changed?

      • you are another useful idiot, by the time useful idiots like you wake up, it will be too late, obama will bring this country down, and have most Americans on welfare. With obama in charge of this country it will go to hell, first black man as president and he is the worst president this country ever had, worst then Bush and he was pretty bad. I hope your are proud of the first black man who is known to be the worst president.

        • Nelson the Cat says:

          Again with the hyperbole and crazy talk the caused conservatives to lose this election. May I ask, by what criteria do you judge this president to be the worst? Scholars usually hand the crown to Harding for corruption, or Buchanan and/or Pierce for fomenting secession, or A. Johnson for setting the stage for Jim Crow. What objective measure do you use that wouldn't sound crazy to people who aren't already bought in to the view? and tossing off talking points about things like Benghazi won't cut it. Diplomats have died in lots of administrations. If you want to claim it represents some kind of betrayal of the public trust then fine, but it doesn't hold a candle to siding with the Confederacy (Pierce) or secretly shipping shipping arms to Iran (Reagan). So how do you defend this claim in a way that doesn't continue driving voters to the left?

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Patrick Murphy should feel proud that he won through cheating but like all socialist marxist democrats it doesn't matter how you win as long as you do win.A pox should fall on this scumbag and his party but it won't because republicans don't know what it means to stick together.They're at the point of kissing the illegals asses and all Rubio has to do is pull his pants down and most of the republicans will line up to get their turn.

  6. We should all be proud of eliminating a war criminal from Congress. Was a lot of fun to see him whine and complain about losing for the last few weeks though.

    • this man served our country proud,and with respect to the american people and told the truth about our evil goverment that we have,so it goes to show that you sir need prayer,and i will pray for you,heavenly father please touch jacks heart and draw him to you i ask in jesus name,amen

    • you are a useful idiot, by the time idiots like you wake up it will be too late. I would not be surprise if you are on welfare, with obama in charge most American will wind up on welfare.

      • I actually run a video company, but to each there own I guess. At least I am useful, which is more than you can say.

        • To jack

          of course you run a video, you work their part time and if this monkey muslim has it his way, you will work less then 30 hours and and live on foodstamps, don't worry, this monkey will supply you with a crappy obama phone.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          "I actually run a video company"
          Too bad places like Blockbuster is going out of business thanks to internet availability as well as deliverable DVDs.
          You might want to start looking into a new "career". Time is limited on the survivability of storefront video service.

    • Jack? Lemme' ask you something…are you confusing Allen West with Oliver North who really is a war criminal? I don't believe you've stated your sources for your claims that Allen West is a war criminal. You just said it and hoped we'd all take it at face value (sound's familiar). I'm just wondering about your motivations, here. Is it really rattling cages for your own amusement like you said? I'm thinking it's something deeper. Some other insecurity only known to you. But, hey. Congratulations on owning/running a video store. You should count the days it stays in business. I hope you have a good heartwarming speech for every employee you'll have to let go of in upcoming years. Or maybe rationalize it by highlighting something negative about the employee. You know, kick someone when they're down, especially if they lose their jobs by foul means. See how useful you'll be when your job is the one on the chopping block and you're the one who has to hang up that "Closed for good" sign.

    • To Jack,
      I know that mitt has his flaws, but I rather take my chances with a Mormon than a muslim monkey

    • Jack – Are you a US citizen- -it doesn't sound like it. If you're not, or if you've simply been "brainwashed" all through your education years, you would understand that the people you call "war criminals" are the ones who have been putting their lives on the line so YOU have the "freedom" to walk, talk and "not think", just the way you do!

  7. moberndorf says:

    It appears that the whole election process for 2012 has been corrupted and fraud has been the rule of the day. I do not recognize the electees to be legitimate, nor will I recognize any government they try to form as legitimate. I withdraw my consent to be governed by them.

    • You can confirm your suspicion of vote fraud and corruption by going to Youtube website and looking for "Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed"- – if you can't find in on Youtube, go to Devvy Kidd's website, she has it there. It's well worth watching- -rather long, but well researched, documented, tested and proven! This election was stolen, by the control cards in these machines; they were programmed to give inaccurate results!
      If you want to "fight this fraud", we still have a chance; the electoral college does not meet, to cast their votes till Dec. 17th – -or the first Mon. after the second Wed. in Dec. If just 17 states withhold their electoral votes, then it falls to the House of Representatives to"select" the next president. If you go to your search bar and type in "petition2congress' – -on page #5, is a fax/petition titled "Petition to Refuse Vote in 2012 Electoral College"- -this fax will go to your US Senators asking them to advise their state electors to "withhold" their Electoral College vote!
      There are dozens of fax/petitions, on that site – -they are "free" to send; you can alter, edit, delete and insert your own ideas, or comments. We need to DROWN Congress with hundreds of thousands of these fax/petitions – -make OUR voice SO LOUD they cannot be ignored. So, please, spread the word and go there now – -IT IS URGENT AND IMPERATIVE that we take action!
      If you are a resident of Florida, or if you can contact Governor Rick Scott, ask him NOT to certify these election results because of the "obvious" fraud that has taken place!

  8. _________________________Everyone should call their individual county Board of Elections all across this United States and ask :_ 1) how many requests for absentee military ballots were received_ 2( how many absentee military ballots were sent out_ 3) how many absentee military ballots were returned in time to be counted_ 4) how many absentee military ballots arrived too late to be counted for this election_I called my county Board of Elections last Friday and was told :_ 119 requests for absentee military ballots were sent out_ 63 absentee military ballots were received_ no absentee military ballots were received too late to be counted_ In 2008, it is estimated that only 30 % of the military vote was counted. In 2009, Congress passed the MOVE ACT which was supposed to guarantee that military absentee ballots would be sent out at least 45 days prior to the election. ____

  9. The MOVE ACT of 2009 was supposed to give American troops and their families direct access to the polls come election day as well as provide voter assistance offices at all U.S. military installations across the world. The Pentagon's inspector general did an investigation only to find many of these bases had no such offices at all.
    After you check with your county Board of Elections for the number of absentee military ballots sent out and the number received back, send this information to Congressman Allen West at ( 1 – 202 – 225 – 3026 ) or Senator Rand Paul at ( 1 – 202 – 224 – 4343 ) or Senator Jim DeMint at ( 1 – 202 – 224 – 6121 ) or
    Speaker of the House John Boehner at ( 1 – 202 – 225 – 0600 ) or Senator Kristin Gillibrand at ( 1 – 212 – 688 – 6262 ) . Our brave troops fight for us…. now let's fight or them. Every vote should count.

  10. I beive
    president Obama to be Fraud Obama! I propose He be attacked insessently over Bengazi and Impeached for it! Let him prove his Electoral win!

  11. Nelson the cat says:

    People, feel free to be crazy, but be factual. St. Luci had 247,713 CARDS cast. Not votes. Each voter cast two cards on the two-part ballot. Some voter left one or the other of their cards blank for a total of 123,750 ballots cast. All this is well documented here:

    • Crazy eh? Okay, if voter fraud wasn't going on and the vote was indeed legitimate, why are the officials putting up so much resistance against a recount? Why do they feel the need to control as much of the recount as they can? Why did Murphy put forth an effort to counter a recount? Doesn't that sound fishy to you? Don't answer that if it does, because then that would make you crazy too.
      Let's also try on this scenario for logic: Say you were arrested for the possession of illegal narcotics being hidden under your house. You know you didn't hide them there and you know there are a collection of street gangs on your block, notorious for drug dealing. Let's say you tried to contend your arrest and the charges brought against you. Let's say you asked for an investigation to uncover the real culprits. Then let's speculate that the police chief, district attorney, and the Judge presiding all took steps to block your efforts at every turn. Would you be crazy for thinking something wasn't right? Would you actually think it was reasonable that you were cheated out of your innocence and say, "Oh well. I guess that's just the way things are." ? I'll let you decide. As for my opinion; standing up for what is blatantly wrong, that's what's crazy.

    • To Nelson the whatever you are,

      I know that mitt has his flaws, but I rather take my chances with a Mormon then a muslim monkey

      • Nelson the Cat says:

        This is just straight up bigotry. And it has come to define the Republican party.

        • Feels good beating up a strawman, doesn't it? Of course, the strawman can't fight back against such a broad and undefined statement as yours. I'm sorry, you're just coming off as a broken record at this point. You're not saying anything that would lend you any credibility and it echoes the same rhetoric as the Democrat party. You want to know what defines the Republican party? Try reading it's founding document. It wont hurt your eyes that much, trust me. It's in the text, black and white, clear as crystal, for all to see. We were guaranteed a ______________ form of government in that document (sorry, spoilers if I fill in the blank). What defines the Democrat party goes back to ancient Rome: started out as a Republic and then deformed into a democracy, then shortly after it morphed into a tyrannical Empire which later transitioned into ruling religion. Democracies just don't last very long, historically. For some reason, they keep dissolving into a socialist dictatorship of one form or another. Don't believe me? Look it up. Think for yourself. Don't just pick and choose sources that suit your comfort zone. None of that revisionist history crap Obama is so fond of (especially with recent events). You're smarter than that. Give yourself more dignity than the sub-standard handed down to you by your party. Who by the way, WAS in control of Congress during 2000-2008. They had plenty of time to avert the economic crisis but denied there even was a problem all 14 times it was inquired about. They also could have voted a big whopping NO to the war, but didn't. They had the power, which Nancy Pelosi proudly crowed about. They had the power and spent it poorly. I'll urge you again to research it for yourself.

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