Special Prosecutor Intimidating Wisconsin Conservatives

Photo Credit: Dave Hoefler (Creative Commons)

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, politically active conservatives in Wisconsin are being targeted by an overzealous special prosecutor. A number of conservative organizations – specifically those that support Republican Gov. Scott Walker – have received subpoenas and been the subject of law enforcement raids.

Reports indicate that Francis Schmitz has sent a number of demands to these groups, primarily seeking information regarding the efforts to recall Walker in recent years.

Furthermore, the investigation is reportedly being conducted under the so-called John Doe law, which creates obstacles for any of the targeted groups hoping to speak out in their own defense. Under the state legislation, the party that receives a subpoena is barred from discussing its details with anyone aside from an attorney.

An official with one of the subpoenaed groups said that at least three individuals have had their personal computers seized during a raid.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the gag order, several targets believe that leftist politicians are using these subpoenas as a method of gaining more information.

One individual called the scheme a “taxpayer-funded opposition research campaign” through which ideologues are “using prosecutorial powers to conduct a one-sided investigation into conservatives.”

The district attorney’s office from which these subpoena orders originated is no stranger to partisan politics. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has previously targeted Walker and his supporters in the past. It was his assistant, Bruce Landgraf, who initiated the most recent investigation.

As leftist policies continue to destroy America from the inside, those who identify the problem are increasingly being targeted by those who only want to perpetuate it. Walker was denigrated and had his reputation smeared in an attack on his principled approach to move his state in the right direction. Not only did his opponents attempt to strip him of his position; it turns out they were using the judicial system to attack his supporters.

A groundswell of conservatism is building up in this nation. As a result, leftists are more desperate than ever to silence and control dissenting thought. Thankfully, these conservative groups in Wisconsin – along with countless others targeted by the IRS or any other faction of this administration – continue to fight for their values in the face of constant opposition.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Dave Hoefler (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is a tactic that liberal democraps use all the time to attack conservatives.They're a bunch of phony ass kissing Obutthole supporters who have no morals what so ever. Look at some of the head rats Alan Colmes Blob Beckel, Botox Poopalosi The big muslim Jarrett who shacks up at the White House. These are the people who attack conservatives daily.

  2. Huapakechi says:

    Just what government entity empowered this "special" prosecutor?

  3. There are individuals as well who are not in the limelight , we are not known , who are targeted. I am one of them. I think it is important to start investigating how many of us are being targeted. How many are being pulled over by police for false reasons? How many have gov helicopters constantly flying over their homes? What else is going on?
    Beyond that, if you are all truly committed to freedom, I would suggest we start a movement, a physical one, to predetermined states, a retreat to grounds we can defend. How many of you realize , truly realize , the danger we are in?

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