Special Operations No Panacea For Iraq

As a former special operator myself, I laugh at the left’s love fest with the concept of special operations forces and their employment.  To Obama and his minions, special forces are the magic bullet that can mysteriously work wonders and pull the Left’s behind out of the fire for their mismanagement of American foreign policy around the world. You don’t have to put large troops on the ground or spend any political capital to win a conflict; just use special forces.  To hear Obama today announce that airstrikes would not be used in Iraq due to lack of targets, but that “the use of special operations forces” was being considered made me wince.  This is not just a misreading of military capabilities, but a dangerous mistake.

Special operations can be used for surgical strikes against undefended targets or to augment the role of conventional forces.  They are NOT a panacea to magically make the fruits of stupidity in geopolitical affairs just go away.  The current problems in Iraq stem from a fundamental misreading of the situation on the ground–and an inept understanding of military capability and how wars are won.  It’s either incompetence; or as I have written here before, enabling the current state of affairs in Iraq was intentional.  Either way, as the Obama administration looks for ways to quiet the media fervor over the consequences of their treasonous actions, sending a small number of high-value, exquisitely trained personnel into that environment is a recipe for disaster.

Does anyone remember Black Hawk Down? This was another Democratic president employing special operations forces without appropriate conventional force backup. Eighteen Delta Force personnel and U.S. Army Rangers died needlessly on that mission, and their bodies were drug through the streets for the world to see.

I hope that our military leaders will prevent this dangerous administration from using our highly trained commandos to try and get them out of this disaster of their own making.  Yes, sending in special ops will let the president say he is doing something.  But, it will not solve the situation in Iraq.  We now have a full-blown terrorist state being stood-up in front of our eyes.  Unfortunately, after squandering the fruits of the brave sacrifice our men and women gave this nation in Iraq, the only way the Obama administration can stop this from happening is to once again use the full force of American military power.  I realize the nation is tired of war, but that does not stop the other side from wanting to kill us.  They get a choice in the War On Terror also.  And by the way, the War On Terror never stopped (to the astonishment of the left) just because we said it did.

It’s painfully obvious the Obama administration does not have ex-military operatives in positions of power.  To use an old, wise saying, we either have to do our business now militarily, or get off the proverbial pot.  But mark my words: if we don’t deal with ISIS in Iraq, we will suffer the consequences of our inaction in the near future.

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB (Flickr)

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