Spanish ObamaCare Site Riddled With Glitches, Mistranslations

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The Obama administration continues to tout repairs made to the disastrous site in recent weeks. Lead contractor CGI Federal was recently replaced with Accenture in a move the White House portrayed as another step toward fixing a bevy of usability issues associated with the ObamaCare enrollment portal.

While the English language site is receiving some much-needed attention, Spanish-speaking users are finding it impossible to navigate the late-arriving counterpart. Shortly after the Oct. 1 rollout of the main site, reports indicated setbacks would lead to the translated site being delayed. It was ultimately unveiled about two months later.

What Spanish speakers received, however, was apparently a mishmash of grammatical mistakes, mistranslated phrases, and links to English-only forms and instructions.

One Miami area navigator said the site is “written in Spanglish, so we end up having to translate it for them.”

The major issue is being blamed for an even lower number of Hispanic enrollments than predicted in the administration’s lowered expectations. For example, less than 5,500 of California’s 4.3 million Spanish-speaking residents have enrolled via the site.

University of New Mexico Medical Spanish professor Veronica Plaza explains that these individuals “are typically the ones who need to sign up for health insurance” and “are the ones who could use the support.”

That support, however, is not found in the current iteration of – which translated into English amounts to “For the Caution of Health.”

Many Americans believe far too many American residents – about 12 percent of the total population – can only speak Spanish. This not only puts them at a personal disadvantage, but provides significant hurdles in any number of situations.

Still, the Obama administration has repeatedly expressed its dedication to assisting the Hispanic population. Instead, these individuals are given a website that mocks their language and provides no real guidance in navigating the convoluted healthcare law.

“There are problems with the verbas and word order that make sentences hard to understand,” Plaza explained. Other healthcare professionals have reported additional glitches unique to the Spanish-language site.

Plaza’s colleague, political science professor Gabriel Sanchez, said users “will look at this and think, ‘Man, they really don’t care about us.’”

America’s Hispanic population, considered to be one of Obama’s most reliable voting blocs, is now learning they are little more than pawns being used by a corrupt D.C. political machine.

–B. Christopher Agee

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