Sorry Protesters: Your Jobs Are Being Sent To China And They Aren’t Coming Back

Red China flag SC Sorry Protesters: Your Jobs Are Being Sent To China And They Aren’t Coming Back

Did you see the huge crowds of protesters that flooded the Michigan Capitol on Tuesday? They were there to protest two bills there were being considered by the state legislature that would limit the power of unions in the state. Michigan lawmakers approved the bills and this absolutely infuriated the protesters. There is a lot of passion on both sides of this debate, but I am afraid that both sides in this debate are missing the bigger picture. If we keep shipping millions of our jobs to China, there isn’t going to be work for anyone no matter how much power unions have or don’t have. During the month of October, the U.S. trade deficit increased to 42.2 billion dollars. Our trade with China accounted for most of that deficit. Our trade deficit with China in October increased to a new all-time one month record of 29.5 billion dollars. Nearly 30 billion dollars that could have gone to U.S. businesses and U.S. workers went to China instead. Since 1975, a total of about 8 trillion dollars that could have gone to U.S. businesses and U.S. workers went to the rest of the world instead. Shiny new factories are going up all over China, and meanwhile our once great manufacturing cities are degenerating into desolate wastelands. So what is going to happen when all of the good paying manufacturing jobs are gone? Are we all going to fight bitterly over whether we should unionize the low paying jobs that remain at places such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds? Such an approach is not going to bring back prosperity to America. We desperately need to start building things and start creating real wealth inside this country once again. We desperately need to stop sending tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth out of the country. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone out there holding protests about our trade deficit. Nobody really seems to care, so our economy will continue to bleed good jobs and the middle class will continue to be destroyed.

The funny thing is that the workers that are out there protesting these union bills actually voted for the politicians that are killing their jobs. Both parties are married to the one world economic system and the “free trade” agenda, and Barack Obama has been one of the worst offenders. He has been pushing for more “free trade agreements” throughout the past four years, and yet union workers continue to support him enthusiastically.

How foolish can they possibly be?

Yeah, let’s merge American workers into a global labor pool with workers in third world countries on the other side of the globe that work in absolutely nightmarish conditions for as little as 45 dollars a month. That sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Oh, but you don’t want to work for 45 dollars a month?

You don’t even want to work for 450 dollars a month?

Well, then the big corporations that fund politicians like Obama will just take your jobs and send them halfway around the planet.

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Photo Credit: johntrathome (Creative Commons)

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  1. madhatter15 says:

    The one tyhing no one is mentyionin g, actually two, is the pensions, what happens ot union workers like my husband, who belong too the lithographers union and is retired, he paid his dues for 43 yeqars and is living off his pension, its a good one, so if the Union is destroyed what happens ot all of the Unions pensions? firs tit was trying ot get rid of social security and now its the pensions, no one will b ehappy until we are in the streets homeless and broke. Then there is the jobs, the truckdrivers union, the Teamsters , have lost millions of jobs to the Mexican truckers, we even had ot buy them trucks b ecause they are in such bad condition they ar dangerous, the union truckers have even fixed trucks from Mexico stuck on the road because the Mexican truckers didnt know how. The accidents must be tremedous.

    • madhatter15 says:

      prt. 2
      The Government has forgotten why we have unions, children were working here for practically nothing, there were no safety regulations and 350 women and children were killed in a NY sweatshop, thats when the Unions formed. 16 million Mexicans coming in, no unions? I can only imagine the money they will be getting for working in less than good conditions. Nancy Pelosi had illegal housekeepers until she was ound out, I can only imagine what they were paid.

  2. I don’t understand why these people are so upset? Aren’t they the ones that voted for onama? Half of the nation voted for Mitt, because of the lack of jobs and other reasons. Most of knew and still know that with obama polices jobs will be lost, obama’s policies are against job creation.

    Didn’t the last 4 years of his failed policies wake up these morons in Michigan? Now they are crying and bitching that they have no jobs, they voted for him, they made their beds, now they have to lie in it, these are the consequences for voting for obama.

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