Soros Group Launches Attack on Poll Watchers

Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily

NEW YORK - AUGUST 19: George Soros, founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute and a billionaire investor, speaks at a forum addressing the global response to the flood in Pakistan at the Asia Society August 19, 2010 in New York City. The devastating flood, one of the worst in Pakistan's history, has affected about one-fifth of Pakistan's territory and left over 4 million homeless. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A George Soros-funded organization, aided by Texas U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat, apparently is trying to chase volunteer observers from precinct polling locations across Harris County, Texas, after the watchers found election judges and clerks allegedly voting for citizens who were undecided.

“Only a week into early voting, volunteer poll-watchers also are being verbally and physically harassed by people loitering at the polls with no intention to vote at the time, including a man identified as a reverend and Houston Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who was seen inside the polling location electioneering and threatening to turn a poll-watcher’s name to the Department of Justice for voter intimidation,” said a statement from Liberty Institute.

The dispute has its roots in the bitter fight over elections that has developed in 2010, as Democrats both nationally and locally are feeling the sting of abandonment by voters who are enraged by the general takeover of society being pursued by President Obama.

WND reported just days ago when the U.S. Department of Justice confirmed it would investigate Democrat complaints of “intimidation” by “white middle class” poll observers in minority precincts in Harris County. They were accused of “hovering” around voters.

That followed by only months a decision at the highest levels of the DOJ that the charges in a case against members of the New Black Panther party, caught on video swinging a baton in front of a Philadelphia polling station in 2008, mostly would be dropped.

The situation in Houston erupted after workers with a volunteer organization called True the Vote investigated the work of a Houston Votes group and found that of the 25,000 voter registrations submitted, only 1,793 apparently were actually valid.

A video reveals Houston Votes project director Sean Caddle, who reportedly worked with Service Employees International Union, admitting that there could have been mistakes and “fraud” in signing up voters, including the case of a woman who was signed up to vote six times in a single day.

Then a lawsuit was filed against the King Street Patriots,a group of volunteer poll-watchers, by the Texas Democratic Party, and a “coordinated” ethics complaint was filed by Texans for Public Justice, which gets funding from the Soros-linked Open Society Institute, according to officials with Liberty Institute.

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  1. 68Truthseeker says:

    Mark Levin- We Can't Get Obama's Transcripts And You Want Me Worked Up Over Joe Miller

  2. Lee and Soros, NOW theres a great Anti-American Pair!
    Get rid of both of them!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Polls have to be watched Democrats are the biggest vote violators in the world.They hop from one polling place to another that's why they are against a voters registration ID card with a picture.When it comes to honesty at the polls the democrats are lower then whale shit and that's at the bottom of the ocean.

  4. They don't even try to hide the fraud any more. This Constitutional Republic is finished. The last threads of that fine document that is supposed to define our country have been destroyed. It appears that there will be rampant "voter" fraud during this election which will receive the blessing of those supposedly in charge. I weep for this country that once was.

  5. First we need to stop George Soros, Bill Ayers, Andy Stern and all the other millionaire and billionaire puppet masters who seem to be the ones really running the US government from the shadows of the Presidency. How the hell can these corrupt individuals be involved in writing legislation like the health care bill and others? The ties to these radicals must be cut, because if these thugs remain, they will continue to bring out others to fulfill their agenda and work from the shadows even when Obama is gone.
    The American people DID NOT vote these people in to any office and why is it that if distribution of people’s wealth is so right, why doesn’t their rules apply to them? They only gain greater power and greater wealth with one thing in mind, THE COLLAPSE OF THE US and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

  6. Something far greater needs to be done than impeachment. When the House and hopefully the Senate changes hands, there should be intense and thorough investigation into Obama himself and all that has been going on with all the ties to these corrupt and radical swine surrounding Obama, then a trail and imprisonment.

    • That seems logical. Impeach him, trial, jail. The same with the conspirators. Get rid of the lobbyers, corporate America should not run our government as it has. Audit the Fed.

  7. Oh Geeze, I live in Harris County, and People were lining up by 7am just to get the Democrats out of Office.. Almost the entire board turned Republican in November, and I doubt it was voter intimidation… Everyone I spoke to said ' GET THOSE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE.

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