Someone Has Registered To Vote As Barry Soetoro, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave; When Will We See An Arrest?

Chicago White House Someone has registered to vote as Barry Soetoro, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave; when will we see an arrest?

Children are taught songs praising the King, and only chants of “Oh- Bam- Ah” are allowed in the public square. Wearing an “Obama” tee shirt is encouraged. Deviation from devotion to Barack Obama is a crime; yet somebody has seemingly gotten away with mocking the King by registering to vote as “Barry Soetoro”, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC, 20500!

In King Barack’s America, a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask with a broomstick hanging out of his butt had to be hounded out of his job.  Those who arranged his appearance HAD to be fired (not only their rodeo jobs, but their day jobs as well.) With nothing better to do, the ever vigilant Congressional Black Caucus has demanded the Secret Service investigate the clown as a threat to the president.

These things said, how could it be that someone has falsely (of course) registered to vote as Barry Soetoro – one of the many names falsely (of course) attributed to King Barack as his name before he ascended to the throne?

Such an affront to the Crown is impossible and could NEVER happen, you say?

Well the District of Columbia’s Board of Elections (DCBOE) would respectfully disagree with you.  Until it was purged, there was a voter registration for a Barry Soetoro residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave DC, 20500 according to official records.

Linda Bentley, a reporter with Sonoran News, was able to discover that the document existed.  Nevertheless, when she asked for a copy of it under Freedom of Information Act guidelines, her request was denied. The denial took twenty days, although these things can usually be accomplished in two business days at most.

The reason given for the denial was that the registration was “under investigation.”   The DCBOE didn’t say NO because no such registration existed; it said no because it was “under investigation.”

Certainly, when the evil prankster who did this highly disrespectful deed is caught, he or she will be dunked in The Reflecting Pool before being sent to the same cell block as the guy who made the video that started the Benghazi attack. That would be fitting considering the severity of the crime.

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  1. I'm guessing we will never see an arrest in this one. Since and ID seems not to be required to register or to vote. We'll have no way of knowing who to arrest.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Time to give up impeaching Sambo nothing will be done and those who can do something don't give a fiddlers diddler.

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