Some FAIR Comparisons, Mr. Obama!

Obama Romney SC Some FAIR Comparisons, Mr. Obama!

The Obama campaign is now resorting to trying  to defame Mitt  Romney, his Republican opponent in the 2012 Presidential election. So let’s make some comparisons, shall we? Bain Capital was a company put together with PRIVATE money. It sought out companies that were financially strapped and took them over trying to save them. Former employees from those same companies starring in Obama’s attack commercials did not have INSIDER knowledge of finances, at least as far as I know. Since when does a company open their books to their employees? Anyway, Bain managed, in the worst case scenario, to at least delay the demise of about 25-30% of the companies that they invested in financially. The other 70-75% of the other companies went on to thrive. Bain didn’t lose one dime of taxpayer’s money. If you think any investment capital company should succeed 100% of the time, then you put up YOUR money and start your own company. Nothing is able to teach a lesson so firmly as real life.

On the other hand, President Obama has wasted over a BILLION dollars by giving loans to iffy “green energy” companies that have for the most part failed! Obama “rescued” General Motors with taxpayer money and by cheating the investors out of their investment money in order to maintain the ludicrous union contracts. However, one of the side effects of the deal was that an awful lot of people lost their jobs at dealerships that were closed. This is something the PROGRESSIVES would have screamed to high heaven about if the President was a Republican!

Mr. Romney released his tax returns for the last couple of years, but the Obama campaign is implying that Romney needs to release more because he may be hiding something. Obama’s campaign has even stated that Romney may be guilty of a FELONY because he might have “lied” to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This allegation has been proven false by the Democrats who now run Bain Capital. There is also an accusation that because Romney has a Swiss bank account, and probably others in Europe (as do many wealthy PROGRESSIVE members of Congress), Romney is involved in some nefarious financial dealings.

So, Mr. Obama, let’s investigate ALL your friend’s financial dealings and the wealthier members of  Congress to see who REALLY has something to hide, shall we? How about your buddy, CONVICTED felon Tony Rezko? How about we investigate the unions that back you and have been buying luxury resort properties with members’ union contributions? By the way, where is the union getting the money to pay for all those expensive junkets that union leadership have been taking the last couple of years? How about the financing involved in your obtaining that expense piece of property next to your mansion in Chicago? Fair is fair; isn’t that what you are trying to achieve, FAIRNESS? Why are you demonizing Romney for being successful when that IS the American dream? Don’t tell us that you, the President of the United States, don’t believe in what America stands for!

Your Chicago politics are dishonest, dirty, and thuggish. Winning at any cost, Mr. Obama, sounds like a chapter right out of Saul Alinsky’s communist “Rules for Radicals” manifesto. You talk about Romney taking America back to the policies that “failed” America when in fact America enjoyed one of the greatest periods of prosperity in its history. Haven’t you been advocating taking America “back” to the Clinton tax rates (naturally without the spending cuts and balanced budget that accompanied them?)

In fairness, Mr. Obama, the accusation of Romney possibly being a felon is going to come back and bite you. What would happen if Congress were to call retired Admiral Joe Sestak, formerly a Congressman from Pennsylvania, and former President Bill Clinton to testify about a possible violation of law by the White House. Joe Sestak has claimed that the White House offered him a high position in government if he wouldn’t run against turncoat Senator Arlen Spector. Obama apparently needed Spector’s “sure” vote in the Senate to give him a filibuster-proof majority to pass Obamacare. If that scenario took place, then it is a FELONY under Federal Law!

How about hiding documents concerning ”Operation Fast & Furious”  under the umbrella of “Executive Privilege”? Have you got something to hide, Mr. Obama, that just may implicate you and your Attorney General in an illegal gunrunning scheme across our Southern border? Americans and Mexicans were killed because of the  botched operation, so who is RESPONSIBLE,  Mr. Obama? Maybe you should stop concentrating on the sins of others and instead worry about your own!

I hope the American public is smart enough to concentrate on who can best solve our current economic and international challenges before America as we know it disappears. By the way, Mr. Obama, rumor is that you threatened Chelsea Clinton to keep the Clintons in line. Is that really true? America needs to take a good hard look at you before this election, Mr. Obama. I for one detest Chicago politics and the Al Capone mentality that goes with it. America is better than that; at least it used to be. Adieu!

Photo credit: Cain and Todd Benson (Creative Commons)



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  1. The differences between these 2 candidates and their vision for America are as different as day and night.
    obama sees America as a nation of opportunist's taking advantage of the rest of the world and Romney see's America as the lond of opportunity. obama see's America as nation of dependency (Socialism) and Romney sees America independency (Capitalism) a self reliant people with limited government. Major difference, and my prayer is that every time obama opens his mouth he will unwittingly expose his true motivations.

    • What was said that is not true in the comment that I made that has been being reviewed for the past 10 minutes. I did not attack either candidates character, simply defined what defines their agenda

  2. Disgusted says:

    MISTER Obama has no clue as to what fair is. MISTER obama lies with every breath he takes, and he has even less clues as to the meaning of truth or fairness! He is a natural born LIAR! The man who yelled at him, saying “YOU LIE” hit the nail square on the head, the day he yelled that in, I beleive, the senate, or at any rate, somewhere in the Capitol building. MISTER Obama is not deserving of the title and position of President, and has absolutely no righ to run for this office again, after the dismal failure of the past 3 1/2 years. He planned on doing just what he has been doing, to destroy this country, and has even more evil and wicked plans for us in his second term, if he gets it, and if the American Fools vote for him again. MISTER Obama is the only thing one can call him, and still be even halfway polite about it. I am not at all polite when speaking of him ……when not on the internet. Of course, sometimes, I am not polite then. I do not intend to be polite, because this enemy in our White House does not deserve politeness. He deserves to be taken by the scruff of the neck, or my personal preferance, by the Dumbo Ears and thrown bodily from that place. That place which belongs to WE, THE PEOPLE, MISTER Obama, it is NOT YOURS TO DO WITH AS YOU PLEASE. DO NOT call OUR CAPITOL BUILDING AND OUR WHITE HOUSE “mine”! It is NOT YOURS. Fairness demands that YOU LEAVE THERE IMMEDIATELY as your first term was such an abysmal and abject failure, that you really should, in ALL FAIRNESS, do what you said yourself, that you “would not deserve a second term”! Do the FAIR and HONORABLE thing, and GET OUT!!! NOW! For once, in your useless life, DO WHAT A REAL MAN WOULD DO, BE A MAN FOR JUST ONE TIME IN YOUR 50 years, GET OUT OF A PLACE IN WHICH YOU DO NOT BELONG!!!!!! And, a place that YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO EVEN VISIT, MUCH LESS LIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not liked, and certianly NOT LOVED! from all that I read and hear, MISTER Obama, you seem to be the most HATED MAN IN AMERICA!! Hated, by all, except for those who are too stupid, or too ignorant to know what their ENEMY LOOKS LIKE! A picture of you and your wife should tell them all they need to know, that, or no job, no money, no rights at all, and no life in a free country, rather, a life in a DICK tator ran hell!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a good report, but it does not go far enough. Obama is not his name (Really) he is not sure what his name is, when he was born, (or) hatched on a rock? I believe the latter? Where is his real Birth Certificate. There is NO Proof that he has one from africa or anywhere else?
    He is an Benedict Arnold Hitler Nazi Fascist of who has Committed thousands of Violations of Treason against The US and Humanity?
    He is also Guilty of Murder against hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Obama delights i seeing people die, including children.

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