Smart Money Still On Govs For GOP Nod In 2016

Bobby Jindal SC Smart Money Still on Govs for GOP Nod in 2016

There’s been much hype lately surrounding three enterprising young Republicans in the Senate, and rightfully so. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz are dynamic personalities who’ve thrust their way into the public debate in recent months on issues ranging from drones to gun control to immigration.

All three appear to harbor aspirations for higher office, and are already in the conversation as potential presidential contenders in 2016. It would be foolish to count them out.

By historical standards, they lack the requisite experience to sit in the Oval Office. But so did another freshman senator, Barack Obama. Moreover, Americans’ attentions spans are so short these days that candidates who burst on the scene only a short time ago — Sarah Palin being the outstanding example — are already old stories.

And though Paul, Rubio, and Cruz hail from a political party that traditionally awards its presidential nomination to the next guy in line, no obvious person fits that description today. The 2016 field truly is an open one.

Yet, history says they’re all underdogs to win the GOP nomination and face even longer odds of winning back the White House for Republicans.

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