Six Former Bergdahl Platoon Mates Are About To Drop A Bomb That Could Change Everything

Bowe Bergdahl uniform

According to reports this week, a half dozen soldiers who have firsthand knowledge of the events surrounding Bowe Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance from his platoon in Afghanistan are prepared to reveal all the details of that controversial event.

The soldiers who served with the Army sergeant say they are confident that he left on his own accord.

Subsequently, Bergdahl spent five years in captivity under the control of Taliban terrorists and was ultimately released in a widely criticized deal by President Obama involving letting five dangerous Guantanamo Bay prisoners go free.

The Daily Mail indicates that six platoon mates want to share their perspective, including the allegation that Bergdahl was a deserter who put his fellow soldiers in harm’s way upon voluntarily leaving the base.

The proposed content would also include Bergdahl’s perception as a “loner” as well as the ill-fated search-and-rescue mission launched shortly after his disappearance.

Two versions of the tell-all book are reportedly in the works, one of which takes a somewhat more tenderhearted look at a man who likely encountered harsh treatment at the hands of his Taliban captors. All of the six contributors, however, agree on one point: Bergdahl is a deserter.

As for why they feel it is necessary to share their story, Bergdahl’s former roommate Cody Full explained that they just want to counter a narrative that has been advanced by the Obama administration and other outsiders since he returned to the U.S.

“We didn’t politicize this,” he said. “They brought his parents out at a White House Rose Garden ceremony and presented him as a hero.”

Evan Buetow, an outspoken Bergdahl critic who served as his team leader, concurred.

“There was no way we were going to sit down and be quiet while Obama was calling him a war hero,” he noted. “We’re just trying to tell the truth. It’s not my fault this would make Obama look bad.”

Its potential to make the current administration look bad is apparently why at least some editors are shying away from advancing the project.

“Conservatives are all over Bergdahl and using it against Obama,” said Atria Books senior editor Sarah Durand.

She expressed her “concern” that the exposé might affect Obama in the same way the ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’ group damaged John Kerry’s credibility a decade ago.

Yahoo News also points out that the group will face hurdles in the publishing process due to the fact that any or all of the six could be called on to testify in the ongoing military investigation into Bergdahl’s disappearance.

Nevertheless, the group’s agent, Bettina Sofia Viviano, is optimistic about turning the account into a major motion picture “in the vein of ‘Lone Survivor.’”

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  1. Obtain their sworn (under oath) statements ASAP — next week — in case something "mysteriously" happens to them

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I understand that some publisher turned down a book deal with them.Obutthole must have sent Holderto threaten the publisher or the publisher is an Obutthole suporter like a jock strap.These real soldiers should be heard not this bullshit Obutthole is handing out about not leaving any American behind .Well Sambo what about the Marine in Mexico or the pastor in Iran.

  3. ppanther says:

    Well, they all need to collaborate on writing a book and each give their perspective! If no publisher or broadcaster wants to air their story, then they need to self publish and offer it on WND or some other site that will carry it, or their own, for that matter. I would also do a video, home or otherwise AND PUT IT ON UTUBE! God bless these men who are willing to speak the truth, however unpopular that is at this point in time! As soon as they can they need to record it, in writing or otherwise, thus lessening the threat to their lives before it is done! So hurry up you guys and don't sit there on this powder keg until it blows up and you with it and the truth with it! Don't threaten to do it, JUST DO IT! You can discuss it after the fact. Also, this is a huge problem because it also includes the Gitmo detainees that were released as some sort of swap, whether it was published or not! It could be disastrous to the Resident. : )

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