Singing Carols is One Joy The Secular World Can’t Take

It seems that each year Christmas gets a little more commercial and a little less spiritual. Calling the joyous Christian Holy Day “Xmas” to avoid “offending anyone”, Department Stores start displaying the junk they are selling earlier and earlier. Lately the week before Thanksgiving Day has become the start of the “Xmas” season. Almost as reliably as these early starts, the atheists and other non-Christians start demanding that all vestiges of Christmas must be blotted out. They hide behind their twisted interpretation of our Constitution to justify attacking all religions; especially Christianity. Those of us who believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ are often frustrated and stunned by the viciousness of these attacks and stymied as to how to react to them.

We sometimes forget the power of coming together as a family and celebrating the birth of Jesus as it was intended to be celebrated. The Bible tells us to celebrate the goodness and the majesty of God with words of praise to be sure; but more than this with songs of joy.

When many of us were children we sang wonderful Christmas Carols that set the tone for our Christmas Day gatherings with family and friends. We can do this once again. Singing these wondrous old songs can and will help us remember that there is a part of our life they can never destroy.

If you don’t have the words to the great old Christmas Hymns, download them. While you’re at it, printout the story of how Silent Night, a song celebrating the birth of Jesus, stopped World War I for Christmas Day in 1914 and again in 1915. Read the story of Christ’s birth to your children and grandchildren then read them what you find about the Christmas truces. Instruct them about the sweetness of “Silent Night” and other old Christmas songs that turned the eyes of men away from war and toward God’s peace. Gather with family and friends around your table this Christmas and sing praises to God. Make it a tradition you’ll follow this year and each year to come. It’s one joy they can never take away.

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  1. What I can't stand is, when stores refer to 'this Christmas' as, 'this Holiday'. They REALLY have a problem with acknowledgin' Christmas!

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