Since “Black” Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly…

 Obama Official Portrait SC 752x1024 Since Black Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly...

I grew up having to defend my Blackness from primitive White racists in my home town. The only definition I’ve ever accepted of me is my own- NOT what others attempt to impose.

The last thing I ever wanted to be was a chocolate-colored reflection of their blind bias.

I knew the identity I was born into was formed from a time of forced conformity. It’s not a free orientation. As an ” uber individualist, ” to quote one observer, that became problematic as years passed.

This holdover identity from segregation has one mandate: unanimous consent keeps the racist sword of Damocles from falling.

This mandate has run its course.

I fully understand and appreciate its role as a survival mechanism, but now it’s devolved into often-crude thought-policing and, frankly, can’t address current problems.

Group-think isn’t reducing our murder rate. Nor the single mother household rate. Nor the increasing number of males under state supervision. Nor unemployment, middle-class asset attrition, and other negative quality-of-life indicators.

We demand nothing of the party we support and impose gag orders on frank discussion on our condition.

Such group-think gives Democrats our vote without them even needing to earn it. This group-think placed Obama on a pedestal so high that even his abject failure to address our economic crisis still earned him almost 100% of our vote.

Black now means Obama supporter. As an individualist, I don’t allow others to define me. That’s why I said for the duration of his second term, I’ll no longer call myself “Black” since this is now linked to approving of him.

“Bold” is my new ethnic identifier. It’s not a stretch since I’ve fought opposition without hesitation for a lifetime. After all the racism Black Baby Boomers and my Generation X has seen, it’s tragic to see us goosestep behind this brightest star in the Black Faces In High Places constellation.

Our group-think also places a gag order on denouncing a growing Ghetto class whose vulgarity and violence send Black professionals in orbit faster than the White Flight liberals love noting.

Bill Cosby is a liberal “mugged by reality”, to quote how former New York Mayor Ed Koch described himself. Cosby’s blessed assault on ghetto-centrism is applauded by many while opposed by fellow liberals more loyal to group-think than higher standards.

Cosby is an Obama supporter and reportedly took his dead parents’ photos with him when he voted. Since his net worth outpaces his detractors, I guess the group is too scared to challenge his ghetto denunciations.

The same goes for progressive icons Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, who tried to challenge our group-think from another angle: challenging Obama’s snub of the Black community throughout his first term.

A few high-profile dissidents is a good start, but not nearly enough. Hopefully, rumors of the intention of Black leaders to hold Obama more accountable will yield results.

The 21st Century shouldn’t see us marching lockstep behind people because of skin color and silent about a destructive faction, again because of skin dolor.

Just like I couldn’t be part of a subservient Black group in my racist hometown, neither can I be part of one now despite racists now resembling me.

No one man should be allowed to define community membership.

When Obama leaves Washington to return to private life, perhaps I’ll start calling myself Black again. The end result of my activism was never to be anyone’s flunky- regardless of color.

I’m Bold, not Black, now that it means “Obama worshipper.”

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  1. I finally see a black man Cap Black who wrote the article denouncing group thinking. I wouldn't vote for a white man same color as I am just because he is white. I read of a good military man like Adam West being destroyed by the democrat party mainly because he was black. Obama wasn't elected strictly by black people he was elected by white people also, but did that fact change the race bigotry? No it did not, you would think he would realize that his victory wasn't in totality because of the black vote, but that doesn't matter to him he has a deep seated hatred of the American system. His hate for America is driven or guided by other forces willing to destroy America because they think we are the evil ones, and he joyfully joins them in their quest. Just remember President Obama it's a long fall from the top to the bottom.

    • Another disappointing black person that I used to think a lot of is Colin Powell and then he endorsed Ovomit. I thought he had better sense and at one time I would have supported him for president, but NOT anymore. He endorsed Ovomit b/c he (Ovomit) is half black. Actually not even half black. He has more Arab blood than black. But I digress…………..I really thought Colin Powell was intelligent until he caved in and endorsed Ovomit. What a waste.

  2. Thank You for being a "Boldist" & speaking out. In this post-modern world of the absurd, it is so refreshing hearing you speak out.
    Even the Russians are laughing at us & calling us "illiterate" since we don't bother even checking out a person we elect to office & choose him just because… well, I'll ley YOU fill in that blank….

  3. People who vote because of skin color should not be allowed to vote… The color of skin does not determine righteousness or patriotism or intelligence…I am aghast at how many blacks voted for Obama because of the color of their skins….What they do not understand is when Obama is finished using them he will throw them under th bus or dispose of them in other ways…Particularly if they are Christians…Obama does not care about black people..He plans to rule the entire world of all colors and to ultimately force them into his beloved Islam… A lot of people have already traded their souls to the black hearted president of America. for a moment of power….

    • Only people that are American Citizens (with photo ID) that pay taxes should be allowed to vote.
      If you dont pay taxes, you have no say so. This one area would solve many problems.

      • What about those of us who served in the Military and have been "Medically Retired" and are considered "Unemployable" by the VA. We don't pay pay Federal Taxes anymore, but we do pay State (some states also exempt us from paying State taxes as well) and Local Taxes. According to your plan would a Persons Military Service be used as a "Qualifier" to Vote without having to pay Federal/State taxes?

      • Absolutely! Requiring ID and proof that one pays taxes in order to vote would go a long way to helping slow down all the voter fraud that the Demoncrats are so good at pulling.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Ruth you forgot that he is the black Santa just giving and trying to distribute wealth.

  4. Hang'em all!

  5. Try identifying yourself as HUMAN, rather than by a shade.
    Something I would like to ask Obama supporters (of any kind): how much does he actually represent you? I know my answer is "He doesn't." Just look at how he made his campaign and presidency about "Me!" He wants to put a big 'O' on everything, Air force one, the American flag, etc. He likes being at the center of attention wherever he goes. He has people in the crowds chanting his name (rather than USA). He makes every political issue revolve around him, how HE'S not getting his way, how HE would like to impose his will on congress, how HE wants people to move on, and so on. Everything he has done in his first term was focused on securing more power for himself. So, does he represent you? His record says 'no'. He wants to be President of the Divided States of "ME!"


  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Don't forget if your black and don't vote for Obutthole your an Uncle tom.If you say anything against Sambo your a racist according to James"Codewords" Clyburn the biggest racistngoing this coon hates white people especially white married women.

  8. I work with alot of black people I dont call them african americans because ome are from jamaica some are from other islands or places but anyway I asked some of them why they voted for obama one of them being jamaican said hes like me pointing to her skin color she knew nothing of what he promised or has not done,no one i asked had an answer or an issue that caused them to vote another claimed the pilgrims came here with slaves and he was voting demoratic.
    i asked these people if they would be happy with 8 dollars a gallon for gas as obama is going to try to make it by shutting down coal plants and generators blocking oil production in the name of his epa but no one cared about the country or anything that might happen in the future ,It is lie tht he got 100% of the black vote a blaitant lie I know for a fact. but it is sad that most of the black obama supporters support him for his skin color and not the issues it is very sad it appears the ones that like playing the race card are inherently racist to the core and blindly so. I have always wondered how hitler came to power and how the country could be so stupid as to beleive his lies and propaganda but I now see how it happenedthe only difference is obama doesnt want to rule the world he wants the US to bow to it

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To Joe,
      you are correct, 99 percents of these blacks supported obama only because he is black and no other reason, never mind that obama is destroying this country and spending the future of our kids, leaving them saddle with trillions of debt. That shows how stupid these blackse are The spanish and the whites that voted for obama they are not any better. Anyone who voted for this muslim, does care about our country or where we are headed.

  9. It is truly unfortunate that there are not vast numbers of these Bold Americans today. I have refused to even say this “african” American crap now for a long, long time. It is utter bullshit. Either you are an American, or you are an African, and you cannot have it both ways. I was sickened when I heard Colin Powell endorse this heathen slime, and even more so, to hear Morgan Freeman spew his garbage on tv, supporting the mu SLIME, and Cosby? I once loved to watch his show, and listen to his jokes, but now he sickens me as much as most of the “african” public sickens me. To the point now that I do not like any of them, and this is not a chosen attitude, it was forced upon me by their stupidity and laziness of wanting everything free, because of their “ancestors being slaves”! That is as tired a line as the one “you’re a racist if you don’t vote for this current NEGRO” in DC, The Great Sewer! So, I have accepted the name of RACIST, as I have been given no other choice. I’d rather be a full blown RACIST than a TRAITOR ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! And right now, anyone who voted for this FREAK IS A TRAITOR, BLACK OR WHITE OR IN BETWEEN!

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