Sigh: You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Now Considers ‘Unacceptable’

Faced with mounting backlash by parents, students, and school administrators, Michelle Obama continues to dig in with her support of a sweeping nutrition program. Despite the fact that opposition abounds, the first lady dedicated a recent White House event to chastising her congressional detractors.

As Western Journalism reported, Republican lawmakers are working to give school districts a way to opt out of the standards, provided they can document that compliance is cost-prohibitive. Obama, however, dismissed the concerns.

“This is unacceptable,” she declared.

She went on to allege that such legislative action is tantamount to “play[ing] politics with kids’ health,” although her critics might accuse her of doing the same thing.

Obama, however, is not alone in her contention that federal mandates are the best way to ensure that schools do not stray from the strict nutritional limitations she believes will benefit all children. National Parent Teacher Association President Otha Thornton wrote a letter to legislators suggesting that allowing districts to implement their own lunch program would be “working against” the efforts of families trying to instill good habits into kids at home.

Of course, when students are refusing to eat the unappetizing meals that result from these regulations, any perceived nutritional benefits are irrelevant. Judging from the reaction of many saddled with these lunches, tossing them in the trash is a common instinct.

Nevertheless, Obama – who recently admitted she had no idea how to feed her own children prior to her ascendancy into the White House – holds herself up as the arbiter of school nutrition standards.

Juggling calorie, fat, sugar, and other restrictions with an already limited budget, however, is becoming a herculean task for many districts. While many in Congress want to extend a hand, Michelle Obama seems more inclined to give them a cold shoulder.

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

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