Sick: You’ll Never Guess What This Med School Student Is Auctioning Off

According to its popular ad slogan, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. While Sin City claims to offer privacy for those engaging in a myriad of excesses, the same cannot be said for a 28-year-old woman whose bizarrely personal auction has attracted interested bidders worldwide.

The woman, calling herself Elizabeth Raine online, is soliciting bids for men interested in taking her virginity. Currently, the highest bidder has pledged more than half a million dollars for the dubious privilege.

A self-described “virgin whore,” Raine writes that she is a tall blonde who has spent considerable time abroad and is currently on pace to become a doctor. She insists pimping herself out to the highest bidder is not something she is doing out of financial necessity or “to feed my own ego.”

Instead, she claims she is just trying to “embrace” life’s “mysteries and twists, in addition to its breathtaking moments.”

Few things could be more mysterious than flying to Australia, which is where the deed will take place, to have sex with a stranger willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to take her virginity.

Each bid, which so far has included interested parties from around the globe, must be accompanied by a non-refundable $100 deposit with the winner responsible for depositing the sum into a trust fund within 24 hours of successful copulation.

The winner will be notified May 7 and, Raine insists, will enjoy complete anonymity.

As for selling her virginity, she concludes that doing so somehow empowers her as a woman.

Her sexual purity “has never been anything less than a source of personal freedom and power, even prior to placing it up for auction.”

She claims to be well-versed in subjects like “prostitution, virginity, and slut-shaming,” indicating that she does not find her auction morally objectionable. More than a third of the proceeds, she explained, will be donated to a charity that provides “education to women in developing countries.”

In an effort to prove the winner will receive what he bid on, Raine said she is willing to undergo a lie-detector test or medical exam to prove her chastity.

Photo Credit: Nationaal Archief (Creative Commons)

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