Shutdown Poll: Obama Bears More Blame Than Tea Party

Obama Debt Ceiling Obamacare Lie SC Shutdown poll: Obama bears more blame than Tea Party

In the midst of a federal government shutdown, Barack Obama and his army of sycophants are determined to pin the blame squarely on “extremist” Tea Party members.

On Friday, leftists on Twitter attempted to gain traction by establishing the hashtag “#TeaPartyShutdown.” As with most such efforts, though, this campaign was successfully hijacked by conservatives on the site who understand the real culprit behind this ordeal.

Similarly, a recent Fox News poll indicates that Americans are not blaming the Tea Party for this mess. About one in four respondents say that current Republican leadership is responsible for the shutdown, virtually the same percentage that blames Barack Obama. A paltry 17 percent, though, feel that “Tea Party Republicans such as Ted Cruz” are at fault.

As many Republicans on Capitol Hill begin to lose their nerve, advocating capitulation to end the shutdown, Tea Party-backed candidates who remain vigilant opponents of an ever-increasing federal government are seeing their position resonate with the public.

The poll also solicited opinions on ObamaCare, which Cruz and other conservatives wanted to repeal prior to Tuesday’s shutdown. Overwhelmingly, voters see the mammoth bill as an unwelcome quagmire.

By a margin of 52-36, respondents said they would rather be responsible for their own healthcare than rely on a government-mandated plan. Seventy-six percent polled said that they are happy with their existing health coverage.

Even more damning to the statists in charge, Fox News reports an almost unanimous opinion that government is too powerful. A full 88 percent of respondents across party lines feel “the government is in charge of the people.”

Our Constitution established a system described by Abraham Lincoln as a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” As the American political class has consistently confiscated more and more authority over the past century, we have now reached the point at which a federal bureaucracy has jurisdiction over virtually all aspects of life.

Recognizing that the people are fed up with the current state of affairs, it seems that Republicans would be anxious to stand up against the big government elitists.

Many Republicans, however, are experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Others, unfortunately, are no different than their Democrat counterparts in a relentless pursuit of power.

In the establishment’s rampant corruption and dismissal of the people’s will, it is not surprising that the populism embraced by the Tea Party remains so appealing.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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