Shutdown Looms As Senate Volleys Continuing Resolution

Harry Reid SC 198x300 Shutdown looms as Senate volleys continuing resolution

Though his nearly daylong speech was heralded by many of his conservative supporters, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was not able to affect change in his chamber’s vote on ObamaCare. Majority Leader Harry Reid was able to schedule a series of amendment votes Friday, which would allow the Senate to dismiss for the weekend ahead of a potential government shutdown Monday.

Reid collected sufficient support — despite ‘no’ votes by 19 principled Republicans — to end debate and continue on to the consideration of amendments. His next move is expected to be an amendment proposal to fund ObamaCare, which stands in contrast to a House vote to fund the government while de-funding the unpopular healthcare bill. In order to pass, Reid needs just a majority of Senate votes.

When the resolution passes the Senate, it will be passed back to the House for amendment or acceptance. With the Senate dismissed, though, that chamber will have just a few hours Monday to consider additional changes before the federal government is set to shut down.

Some insiders suggest that Reid’s decision to allow senators to return home for the weekend is due to his hope for a shutdown. Democrats have been vocal in their assertion that such a result would only benefit their party as midterm elections approach.

There seems to be little evidence suggesting the House will pass the Senate’s resolution to maintain government funding in the absence of an official budget. This points to a high probability of a government shutdown similar to one resulting from a congressional standoff in 1995.

While the left seems certain that a shutdown would harm Republicans, the House has stood firmly against Obama and his failed healthcare policy. Of the two outcomes available, many Americans would rather see a temporary governmental interruption than a concession to the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Considering the widespread mismanagement and corruption at the federal level, some would argue a government shutdown would be an improvement.


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