Should We Take Liberal Clowns Seriously?

Photo credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

When a clown asks to be taken seriously, should we do so?

As I have stated in the past, the Democrat Party is a big tent party.  The problem is that there are nothing but clowns inside.  Many of those clowns are complaining about the way men look at women’s breasts.  They are saying that men shouldn’t stare at them; and when Rush Limbaugh said that men should tell women to stop having their breasts stare at their eyes, they became UGLY women.  They must not have realized that looking at women often with lust in your heart, as Jimmy Carter confessed doing, has been hard-wired into the brain.  The survival of the species would be endangered if men didn’t desire women sexually.  If women are concerned about men staring at their breasts, maybe they should wear bulky clothes or move to a country where appearance isn’t a big deal (like a nation that honors Sharia law.  There, if a woman tries to reveal their breasts, they are at times stoned.  But since UGLY women are very vocal and resent men having control over women, they might be stoned for that.)

Liberal clowns complain about Conservatives waging war on women.  Let me make comparisons between Conservative and Liberal views concerning females.  Conservatives oppose the murder of female babies.  Liberals support it.  Conservatives believe females should truly be equal to men in many areas in order to succeed and oppose forcing women to fight in combat.  Liberals want equality in name only and would force mothers (and at times, their daughters) to fight and die in combat and be raped and murdered by their enemies if they are captured.  Conservatives are generally more moral than Liberals and want females to have self-control sexually, while Liberals don’t mind if women give their bodies to men to be used as a plaything as long as they have contraceptives (which sometimes fail.)  Conservatives know that responsible women are strong women, while Liberals think they know best about how women should act (they should let the government control them instead of being independent like Conservatives believe they should be.)  Conservative women often try to find Conservative men to be with because they are often better than Liberal men.  Liberal women take their chances with Liberal men unless they are gay.  Then they take their chance that they will have children if they want them.

I heard the Liberal clown Barney Frank say that Republicans in Congress should pass legislation that the Democrats in the Senate can pass because standing on principle doesn’t allow anything to be passed.  That is good advice in a totalitarian regime.  But agreeing with Democrats has cost this nation trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.  The recent budget deal has been an attempt to agree with Democrats, and I’m afraid it will make things worse in the long run. But with Liberal clowns being as they are, if they can keep convincing Republicans to do what they want them to do, when their actions bring disaster, Democrats can continue to blame them for problems the clowns produced.  The fools on the Hill brought us higher taxes and Smoot/Hawley during the early 30′s, and we had the Great Depression.  They again brought us the housing crises while Bush was President, and he gets the blame for the crash when he tried to prevent it.  Barney Frank said there was nothing wrong before he was proven wrong, and this nation paid for his mistake.

We might as well slap a permanent coat of grease paint on a lot of Liberals.  They are the ones who love increasing taxes, taking money from people who need it  The clowns think that Obama is probably the best President ever elected. Maybe they have brick-covered glasses and wear hearing aids tuned to the baloney station because they are laughably out of touch with reality.   Liberal clowns have tried to shrink the military for decades and have succeeded from time to time, like during the Clinton administration, when the clowns were more interested in a balanced budget at the expense of the Pentagon.  The money 9/11 cost us due to our willful lack of preparedness for a terrorist attack erased the possibility for surpluses for years.  The election of the Liberal ringmaster of the Washington circus could make surpluses an impossibility for decades more.  If our military is degraded enough, and Obamacare proves to be as bad as predicted, our economy may collapse; and our enemies will be able to wage war against America on American soil.

The clowns will be out in force in 2014 as they promote their candidates and try to convince the voters that the bad conditions they are experiencing are not real.  Maybe a little seltzer in the eye from the squirting daisy will make things look funnier.  They’ll pile into their little clown cars, roam the streets in search of Conservatives they can pummel with rubber batons and chickens, and proclaim the triumph of Liberal thought over that of Conservatives.  ”Higher taxes will help the poor succeed.  Global warming caused mainly by humans is a reality, even if only zealous clowns think they can prove it.  We need to replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy immediately with the energy equivalent of starving poodles.   Trust us.  We know what we are doing” is what they say as they try to extinguish a house fire with a squirt gun.

It’s fine to laugh at clowns.  Don’t try to seek advice from them unless you want to cry.


Photo credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

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