Should The GOP Sell Its Soul For The Latino Vote?

Simple rules of economics often escape liberals. Because they spend other people’s money, futures, and safety to get what makes them feel good, the actual cost of things rarely enters into the schemes liberals concoct.

They don’t understand that businesses often close when what they sell becomes too expensive for their customer base. Specialty shops of all kinds fall into this construct.

Politicians who are considering buying votes must weigh whether the price to be paid is too much. They must ask themselves, “Will this break the bank?”  Liberal politicians don’t bother with this consideration, but conservatives must never overlook it.

The political enemies of conservatism would love to trick us into paying too much for the Latino vote in 2016. They continually lie about its importance to Republican chances for future victories.

Since their propaganda barrage will never stop, it is important to periodically consider the lie and debunk it.

The myth of the power of the Latino vote for Republicans is currently carried by Charlie Cook, one of the Left’s more reliable water boys.

Charlie is breathlessly “warning” Republicans that they must buy Latino votes and pay whatever the going rate is in order to even have a chance of winning future elections. Charlie Schumer, a noted “good friend” of Republicans, says essentially the same thing.

We are supposed to ask, “Who can argue with their logic?”

Well, actually anyone with the time to examine a computer model constructed by Nate Silver can argue with it. In 2013, when he was still the New York Times’ statistician, Silver destroyed the lie that Mitt Romney lost because he didn’t get the Latino vote.

Silver ran the numbers and concluded that even if Romney had won 70% of the Hispanic vote, he still would not have won the 2012 presidential election.

Facts like this are easily removed from the public discourse because the Left runs the media, and only its “facts” are allowed to see daylight.

For Republicans, the price of winning Latino support amounts to selling out America and erasing our borders by voting for amnesty. Amnesty will initially end the Republican Party (and eventually end the United States of America.) That price is way too high, and no amount of lies can change that fact.

Photo credit: Elle Cayabyab Gitlin (Flickr)

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  1. Good article!!

  2. Answer: No but Boehner, McCain, Flake and others seem to think so

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Answer is the same as neleh NO.These spics aren't going to vote conservative no matter how much you kiss their asses. They vote for the Santa Claus party.

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