Should Obama’s Peace Prize Be Revoked?

Barack Obama Change sign SC Should Obamas Peace Prize be Revoked?

At first, it was mainly the right that questioned whether Obama should receive his Nobel Peace Prize. Increasingly, it is the left as well that is questioning Obama’s contributions to worldwide peace. Even Bill Ayers recently accused Obama of being guilty of war crimes. Kris Zane, video contributor at,  has done an excellent job detailing the war crimes Obama is guilty of. As was reported on the Huffington Post, there is now even an online petition you can sign to call for Obama’ s Peace Prize to be taken away.

It should be evident that Obama’s Peace Prize should never have been given to begin with. It was given based purely upon the expectation that Obama would make great contributions to worldwide peace during his term in office. Obama has instead kept up with the war in Afghanistan, contributed to the demise of both of the governments in Libya and Egypt with Islamist governments being put in their place, engaged in torture, used drones to kill America’s “enemies” (and even some of her citizens without trial), and now threatens to bring the West into war again in Syria, once again on the side of the Islamists. One positive aspect of Obama’s foreign policy, the withdrawal from Iraq, itself has not even had a good outcome: there is more violence there now, religious liberties are almost nonexistent, Iranian influence has increased, and al-Qaeda has re-emerged. Whether the US should ever have intervened in Iraq is now more debatable than ever. The Islamist presence in the Middle East is without a doubt stronger than when Obama took office, thanks in large part to his policies.

Barack Obama has not been kind to some of our most important allies, either.  The relationship with Israel has experienced a good deal of rocky territory, and the “special relationship” America has with England has been strained. If our relationship with our allies has not been stellar, how much worse has our relationship with our enemies been?! China is stealing intellectual property from American companies at a “breathtaking” rate, and Washington’s relationship with Russia has deteriorated to a point where the so-called “reset” in American-Russian relations appears laughable- if it was a joking matter.

It is true that Obama alone should not bear the blame for the foreign policy fiascos of his administration. Surely, Hillary Clinton, the media’s foreign policy idol, bears some of the blame. However, at a minimum, Obama should have his Nobel Peace Prize revoked, as what he was supposed to do for world peace during his time in office has not at all happened.


F. Peter Brown is an Associate Editor at the Western Center for Journalism. He edits and .

Photo Credit: Dustin C. Oliver (Creative Commons)

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  1. The answer is "yes"

  2. BlueViolets says:

    Not just the prize needs to be revoked but so does obama.

  3. Wiseoldlady says:

    HE IS DESTRUCTIVE, A MURDERER, LIAR, SELFISH, DEMANDING, IMMATURE, HAS DONE NOTHING to create peace. Bringing MUSLIMS here is sure murder for Americans. I resent it.

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