Should Obamacare Be A “Teachable Moment”

Photo Credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

Despite the loud trumpeting of the losers who are trying to defend the indefensible, the failure of the Obamacare websites was NOT brought about by either too many people trying to use them or a vast right wing conspiracy.

It was brought about by poor design, influenced by politics, and no end to end testing.

Put another way, if these people had been running the show when we went to the moon, they would have skipped Projects Mercury and Gemini and gone right to a Project Apollo moon shot in 1962, despite the fact we hadn’t even tested the Saturn rocket that made it possible.

And they would have gotten the same results they just got with Obamacare, except that there would have been three dead astronauts.  (For those of you under 50, we did land on the moon in 1969.)

Building an e-commerce website is not rocket science.

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Pro Flowers, among others, are names you see on this publication’s website often, either because we have a business relationship with them or they provide services for us. They are the gold standard in e-commerce because they have international points of presence and their sites work as advertised.  They also have one other thing in common.

None of them were only tested for two weeks.

So, asking the logical question, why was the Obamacare site built by a contractor from Canada without assistance from the gold standard in American technology?  Was it because there were political considerations?  If so, what were those considerations?

It would appear that close to a billion (with a B) dollars was expended.

As Democrat Congresswoman Anna Eshoo put it, “Amazon and eBay don’t crash the week before Christmas. Proflowers doesn’t crash on Valentine’s Day.”

If Obamacare can be described as Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment, then its launch can be described as typical of his administration’s failings.

If normal people were tasked with constructing an e-commerce front end to the nation’s healthcare system, they would invite their friends from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to lunch.

Those are companies quite capable of designing such a system.

Three years ago, they would have asked, what’s the best way to go about this (and how much should it cost)?

I’m quite sure nobody would have answered that they should sole source the work from a Canadian company that is a professional government contractor.

Reality, however, never stops Barack Obama and his sycophants.  When you elect a guy who has never run anything to the most powerful executive position in the world, this is what you get. A CEO who wears no clothes and a staff afraid to tell him he’s naked.

And, frankly, if you think that had the electorate elected John McCain in 2008 things would be better, you are smoking crack. He’s never run anything, either.

The next election needs to be about competence, not politics.

Healthcare should be a signature lesson for everyone.

Let’s not kid each other.  Whether you take your cues from Hillary, Barack, George W., or Ronald, our healthcare system is fundamentally broken.

Given their chance, the lefties tried for a step towards a single payer system.  They got something designed instead by the Obamaites, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi that was long on politics and short on reality.

Left completely out was anything that would actually lower the cost of delivering medical care and medicine.  It is all about spending money, not saving it.

There are plenty of ways to fix the healthcare system; but the truth is that one size does NOT fit all, and there is no single silver bullet.

Instead of recognizing that fact and empowering people at the local level to find solutions, some very arrogant people starting with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi tried to shove a single solution down everybody’s throat.

It won’t work, and the results will undoubtedly be reflected in the next few elections.  Let’s hope that the winners of those elections pay really close attention to this (as Obama would put it) “teachable moment”.

Photo Credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

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  1. William Bish says:

    Be careful when you say “teachable,” the Dems will put a space between tea and “chable,” thus blaming Republicans again !

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