Shoplifting Suspect Shot After Dragging Cop

Photo credit: pixieclipx (Creative Commons)

Tales of Black Friday mayhem abound each year, leaving room for only the most reprehensible actions to make national headlines. An event at a retailer in Romeoville, Ill. qualifies.

According to local reports, a trio of suspected shoplifters was among a crowd at a Kohl’s location before two of the individuals apparently left with a selection of stolen merchandise. Responding to a tip that a group of criminals was targeting the store, police showed up to address the issue.

Two officers identified the suspects and began pursuing them to their vehicle. As the two men entered the Pontiac Sunfire to escape, one of the pursuing officers became ensnared in the vehicle’s door. He was reportedly dragged by the suspects until another officer drew his firearm and neutralized the threat.

One suspect was shot, though he is expected to survive his injuries. The officer received injuries to his shoulder during the incident. Both men were transported from the scene to a local hospital.

In addition to the injured suspect, his passenger and another suspect who remained in the store were also arrested.

Black Friday events inherently attract mobs, which ultimately leads to a feeling of unaccountability that can give rise to illegal and violent acts. Those who nurture such desires on other days can find the temptation irresistible when surrounded by thousands of strangers hunting for items on their own shopping lists.

Thankfully, these three hoodlums were rounded up and dealt with in a swift and decisive manner. While these three men are entitled to a fair trial, local police did their job in detaining these suspects, resulting in one of the officers receiving serious injuries.

What happens in the tumultuous environment of a Black Friday sale is merely a magnification of our society. A culture that encourages individuals to see themselves as oppressed victims has led to an increasingly selfish populace.

Americans raised with traditional values and morals would never consider the brazen acts perpetrated at this Illinois retailer or countless others in communities across the nation. Products of this egocentric generation, however, see no barriers between themselves and the objects of their desire – not even a police officer being dragged alongside them.


Photo credit: pixieclipx (Creative Commons)

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