Shocking: What This Couple Did To A 12-Year-Old Girl Could Land Them In Jail

When parents allow their young children to spend the night with another family, safety is an understandable concern. Though it might be common to ensure a child will be properly supervised and fed, few parents are likely to ask about what one 12-year-old in Pennsylvania recently experienced.

According to recent reports, the girl was allowed to take part in a sleepover at the Centerville home of Randall Charlton III and Melissa Becker. According to an affidavit resulting from her stay, the girl returned home with an unbelievable souvenir of her stay.

Prosecutors assert that Charlton, a tattoo artist, used his equipment to permanently ink a profane design on the preteen’s forearm. The affidavit confirms the couple was complicit in saddling the minor with a tattoo of a smiling face accompanied by the word ‘b—ch.’

Neither Charlton nor Becker contacted the girl’s mother prior to the outrageous session, reports indicate. The couple now faces a number of charges including child endangerment.

Both have reportedly waived their respective rights to a preliminary hearing in the case.

Social media responses to the initial report were mixed, with some opting to blame the girl for her role in the incident.



Others believe the girl’s mother should bear responsibility.



Most, however, seem to agree the couple being charged deserve quick and decisive punishment.



Photo Credit: THOR (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The12 year old knew it was wrong and the parents most likely trusted these creeps.Therehas to be more digging into this case.Now the tatoo artist should go to jail.

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