Shocking: What IKEA Just Did Takes Gun Control Activist-ism To A Whole New Level Of Ridiculousness

Photo Credit: Rainchill (Creative Commons)

The trend among many retailers to ban – or at least discourage – firearms has been reported across the U.S. as gun control advocates attempt to curtail violence by scaling back the Second Amendment.

What happened in a College Park, Md. store on Independence Day, however, has perplexed even some anti-gun activists. Takoma Park Police Chief Alan Goldberg entered an IKEA in that town, in uniform, after working a local parade and prior to reporting back for duty during the upcoming fireworks display.

According to an NBC report, a security officer at the store approached Goldberg to inform him of the chain’s policy against guns.

“He says we have a no firearms policy,” the officer recalled; “and you’re either going to have to leave or you can lock your gun in the car.”

Even the most left-leaning gun-grabbers are willing to make an exception for authorized law enforcement. This guard, however, was adamant about enforcing the store’s status as a “Weapons Free Environment.”

Goldberg, a 35-year police veteran, said he has never encountered such a demand before.

“It isn’t the most prudent thing to do to walk around the store in uniform with an empty holster,” he said. “And I am not going to lock my gun in a commercial parking lot with people watching me put it there.”

He called the request “ludicrous,” noting he then asked the guard to produce a written copy of the store’s gun policy. NBC News4 noted it was only released after the network contacted the store.

The chain also released a statement in an effort to clear up any confusion.

“We regret that there was a misunderstanding of our weapon policy in our College Park Store. Our weapon policy does not apply to law enforcement officers. We are taking steps to ensure that this is clear for all our co-workers.”

Goldberg confirmed that the statement eased his concerns; and according to local reports, at least three officers were walking the store – armed and in uniform – Monday afternoon with no apparent opposition from IKEA staff.

Photo Credit: Rainchill (Creative Commons)

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  1. mutantone says:

    wow when they get robbed will they change their policy and allow police to enter the store armed?

  2. Mike11C says:

    Good! Any store that forbids law abiding citizens from carrying a gun on their property should also forbid Police Officers from carrying a gun. If I have a permit to carry, why should I be denied while the Officer is allowed? "No guns" means "NO guns".

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