Shocking Video: Harry Reid Just Accidentally Revealed His Stunning Disrespect For Americans

In a recent interview, Harry Reid took a hard stance against the Bundys and their supporters, calling them “Domestic Terrorists” among other names.

One of the most important things revealed in that interview was not something that Harry Reid said, but what he did. Watch closely as Reid talks about the Bundy situation, and see what he does as he says “Federal Land.” It is very revealing about what he, and most likely, many other policians in Washington really think about the public (and even the private) land in America.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Harry Reid and his liberal minions are the terrorists and should be charged with Treason!

  2. herdzcatz says:

    Saw the video, and at the end, Dingy Harry points to himself with both hands as he says the words "Federal Lands". He believes that the "public lands" belong to him, personally, to do with as he pleases. The sooner he gets out of office, the better.

  3. thestormy says:

    The NV. Constitution prevents the Fed's from the actions that were taken. Bundy family is right. They owe the Fed's nothing!!
    I am so sick of Democommies trying to take our freedoms!!!! If they could figure a way to use the race card in this,they would. Maybe reid needs to go black for a while so they can scream,"racism." Stupid Democommie sheeple would fall for it.
    reid must be useing pelosi's botox Dr. He sure looks younger of late.

  4. How does this scum bag Harry Reid get elected? Are people in Nevada really that stupid?

  5. Harry finally took off his "mask" and revealed his true feelings

  6. I really hate these little “teasers” that force me to watch the video. I’m not post-literate. I can read. Just tell me what he said or did. It can be described in a fraction of the time and bandwidth that it takes to watch it on video. Words. Use them. Don’t waste my time.

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