Shocking: This Is Who Obama Picked To Deliver Easter Benediction

Barack Obama held the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast Monday and, upon concluding his remarks, turned to a retired Episcopal bishop who has become a symbol of the growing leftist influence within certain denominations.

Gene Robinson, who retired from his post as bishop of the New Hampsire Diocese last year, was the first openly gay leader in the Episcopal Church. Following his retirement, he transitioned into a position as a senior fellow at the far-left Center for American Progress.

In his response on Twitter, Robinson gushed that after Obama “preaches” at the Easter service, he was called on to deliver the closing prayer. He used shorthand for “Oh my God” and concluded that being selected by the leftist Obama was a “privilege.”

Robinson makes no excuses for his deviant lifestyle, offering a candid, somewhat explicit, description of his relationship with his “husband” in an NPR interview earlier this year.

“Gay is not something we do,” he asserted. “It’s something we are. I’m not just gay when I’m making love to my ‘husband.’ I’m gay all the time. I’m gay right this minute talking to you….”

Robinson concluded that his sexual predilection “affects how I relate to the world, how I relate to people.”

It is obvious, regardless of his choice in benedictory leaders, that Obama is largely in agreement with Robinson’s lifestyle and outlook. Despite previously holding the expedient position that marriage should remain between a man and woman, Obama has since reversed course and is now a fervent supporter of same-sex marriage.

Nevertheless, he had the audacity to conclude that Pope Francis, who has expressed opposition to gay marriage and the leftist sacrament of abortion, has a message “that is consistent with my understanding, at least, of Jesus’ teachings.”

Obama’s actions, as usual, speak much louder than his rhetoric.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Gene Robinson’s Australia Visit

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  1. Pathetic

  2. RacerJim says:


  3. This man is disgusting this retired Episcopal bishop of Satan, this is what happens when we have a leader who is a liar, a homo and a former drug user, he has lost all sense.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda I'll bet he still uses drugs and it wouldn't surprize me if he was still fudge packing.As far as lying the guy was born a liar.

      • Hi Edward,
        I agree with you, I'll bet he is still smoking C.C I saw a picture of him when he was much younger wearing a trashy get up of girly Hot Pants with girly boots. This is no joke his former friend Mia I can't remember her last name, she gave insight of this clown homo lifestyle and drug used

        He thinks he has fool the American people but most Americans have woken up from this nightmare, we know what he is all about

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    We know he would pick someone controversial becausethis is what Sambo does best.When the Pope gave him a rosary he pawned it off to Botox Nancy Poopalosi who is no more a catholic then the pope is jewish.

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