Shocking: Macy’s Turns Away Applicant For Her Military Service

Between this administration’s gutting of the military and refusal to provide returning veterans with needed resources, soldiers are facing a tough time in today’s America. To make matters worse, there is frustrating evidence that employers are actively turning away job applicants based solely on the fact that they bravely served our nation overseas.

One such example of this troubling trend is the story of 21-year-old U.S. Army veteran Kayla Reyes. Since returning from a tour in Afghanistan, she joined countless other vets looking for gainful employment in the private sector.

The reception she received from a hiring manager at Macy’s is emblematic of the shameful treatment many members of our armed forces receive on a regular basis. Instead of viewing her service as a unique experience that prepared her for virtually any stressful circumstance, this Fresno, Calif., retail manager apparently concluded it disqualified Reyes from a sales position in the company.

According to her account, the manager told her that since she’s been “over there,” she “wouldn’t really know how to approach people,” and she “wouldn’t know how to react” when faced with an upset customer.

“She’s like, ‘Well I’ve been here 15 years; I know you wouldn’t be able to do good here,’” Reyes continued.

The rejected veteran took to her Facebook account in an effort to raise awareness of her experience, suggesting the manager’s reaction amounted to discrimination.

As the incident gained exposure, corporate spokesperson Betsy Nelson issued a statement indicated Macy’s is committed to hiring veterans and is “actively looking for an appropriate open position that would be best suited for her skills and experience level, as we do with all prospective employees.”

While she has since received a job offer from the retailer, the ordeal has apparently soured her impression of Macy’s, and she declined the position.

“A few weeks after the interview and after this story went viral, I did receive an email for a job there,” she confirmed. “I was very respectful in my response to them. I did not feel comfortable working in a store where a job was offered to me because of the way this has all turned out.”

It is a sad cultural commentary that soldiers are actually being denigrated for their service instead of receiving the accolades they so rightfully deserve.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Kayla Danielle Reyes-Abina

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  1. This is the same company that started both sexes using the same dressing rooms for trying on clothes ,in all there stores.

  2. john yantis says:

    I'm done with Macy's.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    I didn't know Macy’s HR was full of liberal hacks

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    We will not shop at Macys or watch their stinking parade.Good for kayla to tell them take this job and shove it.

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