Shocking Experiment: Would You Survive A Heart Attack In India?

Ambulance respond time

Have you ever had a heart attack? How fast was the response to you? Five, maybe 10 minutes? This video shows the response in India.

In India, people do not treasure life like other parts of the world do. This was an “emergency” testing to see how fast it would take this ambulance to get to the patient.

It took the ambulance 13 minutes to get out of his parking spot alone because some careless person parked in front of it! Can you imagine? The footage is astounding! The sheer lack of compassion for another is despicable.

This powerful video shows that it’s not the government’s fault, nor the police’s, but it is the people’s. Their inability to care for another person causes them to be oblivious to the siren as well as the ambulance, and could care less they are impeding.

It’s a blessing to know that our ambulances here are able to get to those who need it because Americans show respect for all emergency vehicles – at least more so than people in India do.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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