Shocking: Camera Hidden In Special Needs Classroom Reveals Disturbing Abuse

Leftist legislators are quick to tout the perceived benefits of compulsory public education while ridiculing private-sector alternatives and homeschooling. Conservatives, on the other hand, are generally wary of the increased indoctrination emanating from union-backed teachers across the nation.

As Common Core initiatives allow propaganda to infiltrate the developing minds of the next generation, it is apparent that some threats have far more immediate consequences.

When a teacher at Harper Archer Middle School in Atlanta suspected her colleagues were engaged in reprehensible activity involving special needs students, she resorted to installing a hidden camera in their classroom.

After amassing four days’ worth of footage, she was horrified to find the level of physical abuse two educators were using against the non-verbal students.

“I haven’t been the same,” the teacher, identified only as ‘Ms. J,’ said. “I haven’t been able to return to the work environment.”

From the video, it is clear the two employees, Alger Coleman and Keisha Smith, routinely slapped, hit, and otherwise assaulted students in their care. Coleman’s actions, including slapping one child so hard he flew out of his chair and then putting him in a chokehold, led to his ultimate arrest.

Smith, who is now awaiting a disciplinary hearing, is seen smacking a student repeatedly on his head.

‘Ms. J’ explained that she was initially only concerned that the two staff members were more interested in watching television during class than attending to the students’ needs. After viewing the video, however, she found out how disturbing their actions truly were.

Frustratingly, she said her attempt to protect the vulnerable students might have put her own career in jeopardy.

“Most school districts don’t want to hire a whistleblower,” she said.

Even after the evidence came to light, one parent involved indicated it was not the school but the Department of Family and Children Services who brought the abuse to her attention.

“It was just outrageous,” the mother said. “It was heartbreaking when I saw the video. It’s really hard because I can’t trust no one, pretty much; and I feel like I was let down by the public school system. They failed me.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'll bet these 2 teachers are liberal democraps just like all those shooters who cause mass killings are.However you never hear of their party affiliation.

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