Shocker: Poll Finds One-Third of Liberals Want Obama Gone in 2012

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

A new WND/Wenzel Poll has found more than one-third of voters on the Left would like to see someone else as their standard bearer in the 2012 presidential election. The survey of Democrats and Left-leaning independents was conducted October 22-25. It discovered 35 percent of respondents “prefer that someone else enter the race” for president besides Barack Obama, although a primary challenge has been a death sentence for sitting presidents in modern times.

Presidents Johnson, Ford, Carter, and Bush-41 all faced a contest for renomination, and all went on to lose the general election or bow out of the race altogether.

Perhaps Obama should be thankful. An Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll conducted at the same time last year found 47 percent of Democrats believed “Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination.” This year’s results are 12 percent lower. Yet knowing the likelihood that a primary challenge would cost Barack Obama the presidency, one-in-three Democrats still prefer None of the Above.

Party stalwarts have made no secret of their desire for Obama to take early retirement. Just weeks after last year’s AP poll, Democratic pollsters Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell penned an op-ed in The Washington Post entitled, “One and Done: To be a Great President, Obama Should Not Seek Reelection in 2012.”

Their motives are….

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  1. It is also no surprise that the Obamna machine will do whatever they can to smear Cain – who can "level the playing field" and beat Obama. Obma cannot win the b lack vote if Cain runs against him. Obama is no match against a proven successful business person who is not only intelligent, but cdares about our country.

  2. The only person that would run against BO would be Hillary. She'd win but all we would get is another BO in a dress, I mean in a pant suit. Mark my words, something is going to happen to BO and Hillary will get her life long dream of being president. God help us.

    • rock thomson says:

      In total disagreement. Obuma is too much of a ego-manialcal narcissist and his backers are too strong and have too much invested to let this go. He'll create an environment whereas he'll have to declare a state of emergency, postponing elections. He'll then really start doing exec. orders and become the tyrant/dictator that we know he wants to be. With unions, La Raza and the millions of benefits addicted retards backing him, the remainder of Americans will revolt, dividing the military, which will give him reason to call in the UN/EU troops to maintain order. Maybe even the Chinese who own much of our country anyway. Welcome to the Fall of the US.

  3. robert loewen says:

    i want obamma out too. i am glad some of the demmocrat feel the same..robert my name

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The Democratic Party reminds me of a great Richard Pryor movie…. Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE!
    (Brewsters Millions)

  5. The Demarats, immoral, unconmstitutional, communist. They have no concious, they care more for power than there country. There are some Repub's the same. I, only see corruption and stupidity of all the top Demarats. They buy votes, with tax dollars, cause they have no sound Ideas to solve problems.

    • The frustrating part of your answer is that, after collecting some 400+ articles — mainly but not exclusively from internet sources — is that most Republicans have conveniently short – term memories. Bush's eight year regime brought at least five major American jobs – destroying free trade agreements affecting millions; his was the absolute worst regarding outsourcing/offshoring of jobs in the history of this country; he continued non – enforcement of U.S. immigration laws for fully seven of his eight years — you know, the family issue doesn't stop at the Rio Grande. Overall, he and Obama and pretty much neck and neck as the two worst presidents in U.S. history, and Jorge had the advantage of a rubber stamp Republican Congress. At 23% unemployment affecting about 32 million Americans — look it up on the John Willisms Shadow Government website — any dullard Republican who thinks any Republicsns now running for the Oooh Man's job title is as clueless as any Oooh Man cheerleader. This depression will endure at least a decade unless the EU PIIGS does in the global community first, which it will.

  6. I shake my head at the stupidity of the people that voted for the muslim chicago thug con-artist Obama. Without knowing all the huge negatives about the man, I wouldn’t vote for him due to his name, OBAMA, clearly MUSLIM. That alone tells anyone he wouldn’t be a patriot American, especially when you know his name was Barry Soetoro a legal citizen of Indonesia. I would love to hear that him & his medusa racist wife has been wiped off the face of this earth otherwise our country is in serious danger with them around.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Between what you wrote about his name, that it is CLEARLY muSLIME, and him and his medusa racist wife being “wiped off the face of the earth”, you could not have stated my feelings any better than if you had read my mind! I sincerely wish that while he is in Europe, someone would “wipe him and her off the face off the earth, entirely wipe them out and off!” Now, the first time he ran, I knew that he is muSLIME, and how anyone could have possibly missed that is so far beyond me that it is in outer space somewhere. I could not beleive that Americans, dimwitted dimocraps, or republican, could have missed that GLARING NEON LIGHTED FACT! It was as apparent as the lights in Las Vegas! I am still in shock at the absolute and total stupidity of those who still see him as some sort of “miricle” in office, the only “miricle” I see is the fact that someone hasn’t shot his sorry ass and rid America of this boil on the ass of humanity, and insult, plus infection, in our country, our once great, and prosperous America…………..which he means to destroy, if the stupid and most idiotic of all dimwitted dimocraps again vote him into office, WITH The help of THE ILLEGALS HE WANTS TO MAKE “LEGAL”!!!!! This is so WRONG THAT IT MAKES WRONG ALMOST APPEAR TO BE “right”!!!!! It is sickening to those of us who still dream of our America as she once was and could be again, if we can rid ourselves of ths muSLIME IN OFFICE and the sympathy for these filthy muSLIMES who have somehow invaded our country as quietly as the BLACK PLAGUE, and that is exactly HOW I VEIW THEM ALL, THE DEATH OF AMERICA BY MUSLIMES BEING ALLOWED TO LIVE HERE AND BRING THEIR FILTHY DISEASE WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Betsy K. Larsen says:

        Deport ALL muslimes, and make islime as illegal as that of Satan worshipers are. This is worse than the Satan worshipers, it is so insidious that it is almost invisible, and that is what makes it so dangerous and so evil. The acceptance that it is a “peaceful religion” is what makes it even more dangerous! Because people refuse to see it as it truly is, evil, wicked, false, and serving an even falser god! To save us and our country, this evil “religion” must be made ILLEGAL! And any muslime MUST GO! They will eventually turn America of our fathers, into a nightmare for anyone who values freedom of TRUE WORSHIP!!!!! And it has already began, check the article of a couple days ago about the troops having to undergo the teaching of how not to “offend” muslimes……….the same muslimes who kill our troops at will, yet they are to be “sympatetic to their religion and beleifs” and at the same time, fight a war!!! How do they fight a war and not behave as if it is a war? A war against an ideaology of murder, death and destruction, ISLIME, or as commonly known, “islam”!! the whole thing is disgusting. And so being disgusting, it is slime, contagious slime. Which affects and infects everything and everyone it touches, including our very own capitol, and on down to we, the people!!!!! This filthy muSLIME in office means to make America into another islimic hell! For us all, unless we get rid of him and everyone else who is as filthy as he is with his disease, islime.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only reason some liberals want him out isn't wacky enough for them.My belief is that he is to wacky and should go the way of Carter,Bush41,Ford and LBJ.When it comes to Cain the blacks won't vote for him because he would put them to work and that's against their religion,not all but most.

  8. ITS ALWAYS THE LESSOR OF TWO EVILS that goes for the dems and the pubs. the whole system is a racket. duh ! they are all puppets anyways , and if a politican opens his mouth he is lieing , they all belong in jail. starting with bush , then just move on from there. someone in this thread mentioned cain , perfect example of "just one more thug " he worked for the federal reserve for cripes sake NEED I SAY MORE ?

  9. SEAN MURRY says:

    they got tired of backing a loser.

  10. The federal government has sent a collection notice to the family of a Border Patrol agent who was jailed and fined for pulling on the arms of a handcuffed suspect to get him to comply with orders, according to a charitable organization working on a defense for Jesus E. Diaz Jr.

    WND reported earlier on a call for Congress to hold hearings to uncover why U.S. law enforcement officers are being charged, prosecuted and sent to prison for apparently doing what their jobs require.

    That call came from President Andy Ramirez of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, which is working on Diaz' case. The officer was sentenced to 24 months in jail and fined nearly $7,000 for his conviction based on the testimony of a drug smuggler who was given immunity to testify.

  11. Sadly! What we have in the Whitehouse now is a person that has no true connection with what our country stands for. He does not value those who fought through out our history to establish and preserve our democracy. He is focused on tearing down our Constitutional form of government and establishing a socialistic un-Christian one. We must fight with every ounce of energy to see that this does not happen and Obama not re-elected.

  12. TaterSalad says:

    Democrats walk away from the Super-committee. Pathetic! How will Obama, Pelosi and Reid spin this to the media?

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