This Is How Obama Is Essentially Forming “Hitler Youth” Under The Guise Of Common Core

A massive spy ring is feeding information about hundreds of millions of children, teachers, parents, and any “dissidents” into a supercomputer in Washington, making the surveillance state under Hitler look like child’s play.

Children as young as five will be “evaluating” other students and teachers, and “monitoring” political thought at home—this pushed by none other than Michelle Obama—all in the name of “education.”

Under the guise of “academic standards,” Obama’s Common Core standards program is a wholesale federal takeover of the education system. But education has nothing to do with it, as is apparent with the use of ludicrous methods being used to teach basic math, dumbed downed workbooks to teach reading, and having children read openly pornographic short stories and novels in the name of “inclusiveness.”

But it’s all about surveillance and ultimately control of the entire nation. Obama’s far-left education czar Arne Duncan has the goal of tracking (and controlling) your children from pre-school all the way to college—and beyond.

“Hopefully, someday, we can track children from preschool to high school and from high school to college and college to career…” (Education Czar Arne Duncan, June 2009)

That “someday” has arrived thanks to Common Core.

Don’t want Common Core for your kids? Don’t want to be spied on by Obama’s “Hitler Youth”? Too bad. There have been at least two arrests of parents complaining about Common Core, and Obama is just getting started.

Welcome to Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America…”

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  1. Patriots, talk and rally. That plays right into the hands of the tyrants. Keep it up and your children will be trained to turn you in.

  2. GARY DUHON says:

    February 1978 Honolulu Hawaii, in front of the international marketplace, I personally witnessed his mother which never called him by his middle name she always referred to him is Hussein, discussing the fact that my aunt that he had been inducted into the hall honor society, and they were requesting a birth certificates! All she had was certificates of home birth or affidavits of home birth, but shortly that there after she was dating someone work in the birth and records department in Honolulu, and approximately two weeks later she was discussing with my aunt was cutting the young Mr. Obama's hair, which my aunt was a hairstylist, retired now, still living, the fact that she was able to reconstitute through her new boyfriend a birth certificate for her son so they could be presented for whatever reason to the honor societies for his induction. He was not born in this country! This is not a race issue! This is a constitutional issue! I find it personally insulting for any race to play the race card as is it is a ace!! Well, myself and every other knack for born American citizen, are holding the other three aces the magna carta, the bill of rights, and the constitution of the United States. He is a very intelligent person even not eligible to be president by constitutional law, is allowed to be caught by race, this is unacceptable, so for instead of using his intelligence to enrich this country, used up everything with the help of course to try to socialize this country, taking away our rights, to bear arms, and trying to silence our freedom of speech, I ask ever no trouble American citizen to insist that he be removed from office not own race but all constitutional issues only. Respectfully submitted GARY

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    To achieve a one world government you must brain wash children into turning in their parents or any others who do not approve of a 1 world government.My question is who will be the head of the 1 world government.We can't get people to agree on anything today in a free country with lousy half black president.

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  5. mutantone says:

    and just what do you all think his Obama corps has been doing? the knock out game, store looting's, civil unrest int he sit ins and riots attributed to the Occupy Wall Street movement

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