Shocker: Media Criticism Of Gay Marriage Virtually Nonexistent

Gay Protest SC Shocker: Media criticism of gay marriage virtually nonexistent

Though the results of a recent survey could easily be filed under “Duh,” it is important to illustrate the obvious agenda today’s mainstream media relentlessly pushes onto its near-catatonic audience.

The Pew Research Center determined that news sources approach the topic of gay marriage favorably more than five times as often as they present any level of criticism. In fact, positive stories outnumber even neutral, unbiased coverage by three percent.

A mere nine percent of media reports highlighted opposing views, researchers found, despite results of a poll by the same group that shows 42 percent of the public disapproves of gay marriage.

Among the most unbalanced reporting found in the study came from MSNBC. Again, no big surprise. On that network, a full 64 percent of stories presented gay marriage in a strictly positive light while just six percent focused on opposition.

Fox News did a better job of remaining unbiased. In an effort to live up to its “Fair and Balanced” tagline, under 30 percent of the news giant’s gay marriage coverage championed the cause, with eight percent providing a voice to detractors. As it should be, 63 percent of the network’s reporting featured varied opinions on the subject.

Journalism has long been trapped under the oppressive thumb of leftism as purported news anchors increasingly use their position to disseminate opinions instead of facts. As this and countless other similar studies prove, there is often little to distinguish mainstream reporters from the bevy of shameless political hacks. At least the hacks have the decency to be honest about their intentions.


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