SHOCKER: Liberal Media Admits GOP Won Shutdown!!

Photo Credit: Bravo Six Niner Delta (Creative Commons)

The conclusion of Barack Obama’s government shutdown brought many things. Among the more subtle was a reminder to those who think FOX is “on our side.” Maybe not. Fox’s on camera snarky comments made from apparent willful ignorance of the facts, and a desire to get out of the Democrat-controlled media’s crosshairs, told us this quite clearly.

Last Friday, as Chris Wallace was plugging his show on the local Fox morning chit chat show, he cavalierly dismissed the efforts of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and other actually principled conservatives: “The Republicans got absolutely nothing from this shutdown.”

Now no one is asking Mr. Wallace to actually do any research himself, but it would be advisable for him to either do so or have an intern help him out with things he will comment on in front of a camera. Nevertheless, it is what it is. The important thing is that Wallace and the rest of the surrender chorus obviously didn’t bother to read beyond the headlines fed to them by the Democrats.

For those who did not merely read headlines, it comes as no surprise that the AP, a loyal Democrat tool, has now whispered: “[the Republicans’ wins in this deal]may again thwart Democrats’ hopes of changing tax-and-spend policies in two-party talks beginning anew in the Capitol.”

The AP then credits the “non-existent” TEA party for prodding GOP lawmakers for budget cuts embodied in the agreement to reopen the 17% of the government, which was childishly shut down by King Barack.

The AP tells us the “absolutely nothing” deal produced by conservatives includes continuation of the “sequester” and its mandatory cuts. While that paragraph didn’t mention that the “sequester” cuts idea was a trap set by an avaricious king to “force” Republicans to beg to repeal because it cut military funding, the truth shines through for those who have actually followed this issue. The “sequester” cuts about $1 trillion by 2021 in addition to the $1.5 trillion in cuts agreed to in 2011’s debt-ceiling deal. The deal effectively lowered the baseline for budget negotiations.

Contrary to what the lazy Mr. Wallace thinks, when King Barack summed things up by saying “there are no winners here,” he was really saying that liberals lost not in the short run, but in the long run (and so did the king.)


Photo Credit: Bravo Six Niner Delta (Creative Commons)

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