Shirley Sherrod Owes Andrew Brietbart an Apology

Amy Ridenour, National Center for Public Policy Research

Shirley Sherrod falsely said Andrew Breitbart would "like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery. That’s where I think he’d like to see all black people end up again." Then Sherrod said Breitbart is a racist, called Breitbart "vicious," and then said Breitbart’s alleged racism is why he’s allegedly "so vicious against a black president."

By contrast, Breitbart ran a video of Sherrod that, unknown to him, was out of context, and later, according to media reports, Breitbart expressed regret. Sherrod became nationally famous, lost her job, saw her reputation rehabilitated within a day, was offered a new job, had a private conversation with a President of the United States of whom she thinks highly, and is now a hero to many. I’d be very much surprised if she hasn’t received some lucrative speaking offers.

Ultimately, no harm, no foul.

Furthermore, while Breitbart didn’t know the famous first video was out of context, Sherrod has to know she has no evidence Breitbart wants "all black people" to be slaves. Publishing the video without checking it out first it was an error, but it was nothing personal against Sherrod, and an unintentional error. When Sherrod said Breitbart wants black people to be slaves she was being intentionally malicious and irresponsibly inflammatory.

There’s no doubt about it. When the scales are weighed, Sherrod’s offense is far greater. She owes Breitbart an apology.

I don’t expect he’ll get one.

Shirley Sherrod has also said opponents of ObamaCare are racists.

I don’t suppose we’ll get an apology, either.

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  2. I have always said that Racism is the outward sign of inward ignorance. This seems to be the case here just like the Obama, the professor and the police incident.
    Is the real story found here?

  3. I am so sick and tired of hearing You Are A Racist if you disagree with the Marxist ideas B. Hussein Obama has. Shirley Sherrod has Marxist ideas as well, in her very own words, concerning those who have and those who have not, on the video Andrew posted. You cannot convince me that Shirley Sherrod is not a racist herself, the video from what I can tell has a lot of racial undertone to it, especially with the crowd of NAACP audience members, she was speaking to. They loved it when she expressed how powerful she was because of being with the government and not using the full force on the White Man she could have used.

  4. PghVirgo says:

    The entire NAACP owes ALL of us a big apology, but don't hold your breath, 'they' never admit when they're wrong, which is only about 99% of the time!!!! That's because they're all libtards!!!!

  5. Your not slaves anymore are you??? Lady get your lips off the crack pipe so you can think straight!!!

  6. The more I see of obama the more I think he is right!

  7. Andrew Breitbart that is !!!!

  8. What no one seems to care to ask, and I can't understand why is: This is an NAACP recording, obviously held by the NAACP. Who is it that had access to the film to snip portions of it and bait Breitbart into showing what he was provided. Was this perhaps a bit of lefty loon skullduggery.

  9. Edward Koziol says:

    Sherrod should get down on her knees and thank Allah for Breitbart before him she was just a black racist with a job.Now she has everyone of importance kissing her big black ass from President Blue Lips to that blow hard Bill O'Reilly she can get a czars job or whatever she wants thanks to Andy maybe her husband can be her chauffer.

  10. RacerJim says:

    Andrew Brietbart should sue Shirley Sherrod for defamation, libel and slander.

  11. breitbart isn't the guy who fired you. obama was. the agriculture head was just the fall guy. there is always a fall guy for obama so he doesn't take any blame.

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