Sheriff Joe: If I Prove Obama was Born in Kenya, What Will be Done About It?

“I want to see the microfiche,”
Sheriff Joe Arpaio told a packed East Orlando Tea Party audience last week. In explaining his Birther Posse activities, he said his group of 60 retired cops and attorneys should have a report for him as early as January or February, because they are searching around the clock to discover where the president was really born.

Delivering a keynote speech to his rapt listeners, Arpaio said the 1961 microfiche holds the key to determining if Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya. “Twins were born before Barack Obama, and now we have to see if he was born the next day.” But Sheriff Joe said he won’t be taking any bets on his posse getting the microfilm. He expressed consternation that the regular media are just not talking about the Obama birth issue, although it is on people’s minds all across the country.

Arpaio, who has 50 years of law enforcement experience, said proudly, “I serve the public; the public is my boss.” When a group of Arizona Tea Party members came to him to do something about the Birther issue, he agreed to look into the situation. But in a more veiled question, Arpaio asked if he and his cold case posse can prove Obama was not born in Hawaii the day after the Nordyke twins, “What will be done about it?”

Clearly, the problem of Barack Obama’s birth authentication was primary in the minds of Sheriff Joe’s audience, but the next big topic they wanted him to talk about was illegal immigration. He called the….

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  1. Obama should be impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!

  2. If Sheriff Joe Arpaio proves Obama was born in Kenya and no one does anything about it, then what will be done about THAT is Civil War II.

  3. Love Sheriff Joe ! BUT, there's some quiet good evidence coming out, the SUCKA is the son of MALCOM X ! Maybe, that's the reason the SUCKA is prancing around with this fake crape as a cover-up for his Real ID. There's just some Shit that don't seem right about this WHOLE PILE ! i hope Sheriff Joe don't get egg in his face over this ! He's TOO Good a Man for that to happen ! Semper Fi

  4. After we boot the Obamugabe and his cronies out of DC, lets put Sheriff Joe in charge of DHS.

  5. If sheriff Joe's findings are positive for Kenya, we should take care of "our problem" the same way the Libyans took care of their "Qaddafi problem."

  6. Congress will do what it is doing now about all the treasonous acts obama has committed so far. NOTHING!

  7. Sanford Aranoff says:

    The Allies fought the Moslem Brotherhood in WWII, a legal war, as the U.S. Congress declared war. The MB never agreed to peace. Therefore, the U.S. is still fighting WWII. Anyone who supports MB is a traitor, and needs to be tried in court.

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    If Sheriff Joe proves Obummer is illegal nothing will be done because the liberal press will cry racism and this is how he got in.When the Clintons went against Obuma the press crucified Hitlary and Slick.

  9. Maybe (but doubtful) the Congress and Media will do their jobs. Likely it is Patriots that will need to resolve the issue. By continuing to ignore the concerns, Congress and Media indicate they are complicit.
    Likely that there will be no documented proof left as to where he was born. What will be done when it is proven he has lied to all of us about the BC and the SSN? You can bet that there is much more than BO's couple million dollars spent in perpetrating the scam. Again, it will be up to Patriots to restore our nation, constitution, freedom and liberty and and then to achieve justice. Just hoping this does not need to result in a Libya style uprising.

  10. On Obo's birth certificate: It states his father is "African"-The term "African" or "Afro-American" was not used in 1961.The correct term was"caucasion" or "Negro".It further states his father is from" Kenya, Africa".In 1961 his father was from"British East Africa Protectorate".Kenya did not exist until 1963; And the birth certificate the White House presented lists the hospital of Obos' as "Kapi' olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital".In 1961 the hospital(s) were "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital"AND "Kapi'olani Maternity Home" respectively.The names did not change until 1978, when the 2 hospitals merged to be called what is on Obo's B.C. The evidence speaks for itself.

    • i DO NOT believe his father was an American Citizen. THEREFORE Obama could not have been on the ballot per our constitution. FACT

  11. OBOON and everyone involved should be convicted of treason against Americans and the consyitution, and pay the ultimate price for such actions

  12. DO IT JOE !!!! You will be America's # one HERO !

  13. Cincinnatius says:

    Sadly, I think Sheriff Joe could uncover a movie of Obozo's mother giving birth to him behind a welcome to Kenya sign with the entire "Visit Kenya Now" promo group singing kum ba ya and there would be nothing done to this fraud. Why? Because the demorats and the gutless congress would be saying to America, "Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?". IF there is evidence disclosed, the only way Obozo will be removed from office is when the people rise up and take matters into their own hands. That will foment revolution in America! Won't be pretty.

    • Don`t forget the Military Chiefs of Staff. They are also traitors for blindly following orders from someone that is not qualified but illegal to be in office. Anyone volunteering for militay service are totally stupid. Mom and dad keep your kids at home. Been there and done that. If I knew then what i know now i would have burned my draft card instead of volunteering for `Nam.

  14. Sheriff Joe, Why can't we the people force the issue where we march into obummers office and arrest him since the elected officials all have jelly for backbones and will not do anything about it?

  15. iF he is a illegal immigrant arrest him and put him in the Arizona jail.

  16. Bob Pinkstaff says:

    Sheriff Joe, We're with you 100% …
    A PROVEN FACT, the evil muslim communist USURPER, barry soetoro AKA harrison j. bounel AKA barack hussein obama is a FRAUD & TRAITOR! To add insult to injury, the TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT Washington DC & State government establishments have willingly SANCTIONED & BLESSED their evil muslim leader, the FRAUDULENT/INELIGIBILE evil muslim communist USURPER, barry soetoro AKA harrison j. bounel AKA barack hussein obama!

    ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!!! … The time is way past due (3 PLUS YEARS) to stop talkin and act, no more 'TALK THE TALK B******T'! The 'US FREEDOM FIGHTERS' website is NOT a blogging/posting social website. We have one mission/objective & will NOT retreat!

    Please pass this on to all U.S. Military Veterans & U.S. Citizens that are 'READY, WILLIN & ABLE' to restore the Constitution of the United States & the Republic from the jaws of communism (NWO/666) by any means necessary & at any cost! We only have a 90 day window. THOSE WHO ARE NOT 'READY, WILLIN & ABLE' NEED NOT APPLY!

    GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
    USMC Retired

    • Questionman says:

      You are one disgusting racist, Just like this s h ! t h e a d Sheriff! He is a retarded racist and so are you! A disgusting black-hating, KKK loving scumbag that deserves to be shot and dead! The world would be better off without your disgusting ass! What a retarded bigot, you racists make me sick! go f 5k youself sh1t for brains!

      • If anybody is a racist it's you,for you too assume someone is a racist, because they have a difference of opinion then you,is just laughable.Also what race are you,could be your black,so then that would make you a racist,because you voted for someone because of their color!!!

      • Very elegant, Questionman, congratulations. Why do you think Sheriff Joe is racist?

      • Betsy K. Larsen says:

        How’s this for a solution? Take everyone of you low life, lying, lazy useless good for nothing black heathens, and throw your sorry asses into the ocean, where you can either sink, swim or die? Personally, I would rather see this happen than to allow another of your kind or color in office. And, I have never in my life felt this way until proven that the way I now feel is the only way to feel, when your TRUE COLOR shows through so obviosly! You are the RACIST, you, and those like you, the muSLIME brotherhood, and the black panthers, although I do hate to see the word “panther” connected to such brainless heathens such as yourselves…………..they are truly BEAUTIFUL animals, so I would instead call you SLIME< black, oozing slime…………………useless and diseased. And if slavery were still legal, I wouldn't even want one for that purpose, you could not be trusted with a ball of cotton. When slavery was abolished, you should have been put on as many ships as possible, and sent back to the jungles from whence you all came. Racist? Right now, I would have to say I have a lot of those "bones" in me. The same as you do.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Are you trying to use the KKK as an insult? Don't you know it's actually a compliment? All the hate and violence you're spewing is quite disgusting. You must belong to the Black Panthers. You've heard of them. The Number 1(ONE) rated RACIST, MOST VIOLENT GANG (yes gang) the U.S. has seen since the 60's. The group Obummer told the DOJ to stop the sentencing on their guilty charge of voter intimidation.
        I take it you're perfectly happy with a Black Panther yelling "BLACK POWER! KILL ALL THE CRACKERS AND THEIR BABIES", but not with a Klans man saying "White Pride". This shows racism at it's core. Watch for yourself:
        Now go quiver in the corner because your muslim, racist, communist KING is going DOWN. The whites, as well as all other races, aren't going to take it anymore. Seems the white race isn't scared of your threats and you don't know what to do. Yelling racist just doesn't seem to work anymore does it?

  17. I don't know, but I for one have got your back. Feel free to use my name as a person backing you. God Bless You Joe. It sickens me to see what these guys are getting away with. I know there are great Americans in the Secret Service, FBI, etc. When the chips are down I don't believe if they are true Americans, they will be able to support the treason that is going on among J— A—- in the Democratic Party. There is one genius in the ranks of the Dems. Whoever it was that realized and started their party symbol. They are their symbol personified. And also all the Democratic Donkey Dung these yahoos throw around. Not one of them has the brains of a bump on a log.

  18. If American Sheriffs have the authority to ARREST Obama, come on Sheriffs of every state, ARREST Obama/Soetoro!

    • IF he truly is a usurper, then it is your job as being sherrif to ARREST the lier. Impeachment is ONLY for those legally in office.

    • they do have the authority to arrest obama for any crime he commited aganist the us they have more authority then a us marshall

  19. "Sheriff Joe: If I Prove Obama was Born in Kenya, What Will be Done About It?" Not a damn thing. The jellyfish in Congress and The Senate, will ontinue to allow the dictator to rule.

  20. This is a sissy nation of back stabbers , whom do not have the guts or the balls to stand up an fight. If it came down to retaking the white house ,they would stand out side and wave signs and make noise with useless rants.I for one will stand but my sons will call 911. WHOPPEE what this will do NOTHING. I will say no more.,


  22. why do we see cut in everything the Goverment can think of?
    But never here of a cut to the senitors-Congressmen-President or his free spending family>

  23. Obama is an imposter in the highest office in our land! I recommend you research the following site,… which documents the removal of Supreme Court cases published at which cite the only case in American history- Minor v. Happersett (1875) – to directly construe Art. 2 Sec 1's natural-born citizen clause in determining a citizenship issue. This was a unanimous decision which defined a "native or natural-born citizen" as a person born in the U.S. to parents who were citizens, a definition which excludes from eligibility both Obama and John McCain. This case had it been sufficiently known to the public & media, and sufficiently documented might have eliminated the ;possibility of Obama's nomination &/or election. Dianna Cotter was the author and the date this was published was Oct. 20, 2011.

  24. Rebecca says:

    3rd of all: YOU REALLY THINK THAT AN INTELLIGENT, SMART PERSON LIKE OBAMA WOULD TAKE THE RISK TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN A COUNTRY FULL OF UNEDUCATED, STUPID RACISTS IF HE HAD A FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, KNOWING THAT JOURNALISTS and INTELLIGENCE COULD HAVE FOUND THAT OUT???! It is frustrating to read all these comments that aren't documented with pertinent information. I really wish for the US to change their educational system, they should take learn from Europe where people like you only represent a poor percentage of poulation.

  25. Rebecca says:

    It sickens me to read all your comments. My name is Rebecca, my father is ITALIAN and my mother is KENYAN. I live in Brussels. I have studied Political Science: my first year in Brussels, second at Berkeley university in California and third at the Murdoch university in Dubai. I am now doing my masters at Harvard university. If I am saying all of this, it is not because I want to brag, but to warn you that on the contrary of most of you, I am an educated person, who has lived in both occidental and oriental cultures and who knows what she is talking about.

  26. Rebecca says:

    I guess that most of you are nationalists or republicans and can not accept the fact that a black democrate is the president of your country. Barack HUSSEIN(i know this name scares all of you) Obama was born in Hawai. His father was from Kenya. Obama is just another mixed Kenyan-american. What makes me laugh is that you people just can't accept that Black people are not YOUR SLAVES anymore. So when one of them succeeds, you have to bring him down with stupid allegations. You invent rumors just like a bunch of superficial high school girls. Of course Obama was elected Presidet after 9-11 so the fact that his name has HUSSEIN in it, is an advantage to you so that you can shout stupid things like "HUSSEIN LIKE SADDAM" or "OBAMA=OSAMA"… Let me just tell you something. You think that because you have found some made up article about Obama beeing an impostor that you have the power to break him.

  27. Rebecca says:

    Believe me you don't. Let me explain: 1st of all: you think that you are taken seriousely… but you aren't, at least not by the rest of the world. In Europe we consider you as stupid uneducated people and we feel sorry for you because you didn't g the chance to benefit from a good education. In Africa, people ignore stupid beeings like you because their intellugence is not worth beeing wasted on you. 2nd of all: My granfather, may he rest in peace, was a very important man in Kenya and he knew Obama's father's family, and I can assure you that he is no impostor.

  28. Rebecca says:

    3rd of all: YOU REALLY THINK THAT AN INTELLIGENT, SMART PERSON LIKE OBAMA WOULD TAKE THE RISK TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN A COUNTRY FULL OF UNEDUCATED, STUPID RACISTS IF HE HAD A FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, KNOWING THAT JOURNALISTS and INTELLIGENCE COULD HAVE FOUND THAT OUT???! It is frustrating to read all these comments that aren't documented with pertinent information. I really wish for the US to change their educational system, they should take learn from Europe where people like you only represent a poor percentage of poulation.

    • For a supposedly educated person your spelling is that of a 2nd grade student. Your command of the English language is such that I can’t take your comments seriously. Go back to school and learn to spell and what the word being means not beeing.

  29. Hussein O'ssylum says:

    Impeach. Vote out all incumbants complicit in this sloppy vet

  30. Hussein O'ssylum says:

    rebecca just get back on sunnybrook farm. you read in context. you could be a corrections officer for spelling bees.

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