Sheriff Joe Demands Obama Draft Registration

Joe Arpaio speaking 2 SC 300x199 Sheriff Joe Demands Obama Draft Registration

Providing proof that Sheriff Joe Arpaio intends to continue his investigation of President Obama’s eligiblity, his Cold Case Posse has pressed the director of the Selective Service System not to destroy any microfilm records that may yet exist of Obama’s 1980 draft registration form.

In an emergency letter Wednesday to Selective Service System Director Lawrence Romo, Mike Zullo, the lead investigator in the Cold Case Posse, asked for reassurance that the microfilm records still exist.

“We would like to be assured of the disposition of the microfilm reel or reels containing President Obama’s Selective Service registration form,” Zullo wrote. “Please indicate whether or not you have possession of the microfilm reel or reels containing President Obama’s records or access to them.”

The concerns were raised after Arpaio’s office received official confirmation from the Selective Service System that Obama’s paper draft registration records have been destroyed after being microfilmed.

In addition, an article published Monday by the Washington Times “Communities” social journalism section reported new Selective Service privacy rules might allow existing microfilm records to be destroyed as well.

Read more at WND. By Jerome R. Corsi.

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  1. Liberty49 says:

    How BLIND can Obama's minions be? And I hope he demands to see his passport, too. How did he finance his 'trip around the world' in 1981 and how did he gain entrance to Pakistan that forbid admittance to all Americans in 1981?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Do you really think you'll get an answer surely not from a media who adores his half black ass

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Go fot it Joe he hates you anyway that's why he is sending that hispic Perez and Holder after you.Nobody else is willing to take on Obuma.

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