Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses Joe Miller In Alaska Senate Race


Tea Party-backed U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller received an endorsement by a prominent name among conservatives. Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio, often referred to as America’s toughest sheriff, gave Miller his vote of confidence in a statement earlier this week.

“Joe Miller is a true constitutional conservative with a vision to protect our borders and restore America,” the Maricopa County sheriff said.

Arpaio, who heads the sheriff’s office that serves the fourth largest county in the U.S. Though he maintains widespread popularity among conservatives in his state and beyond, he has faced consistent criticism from leftists who disagree with his no-nonsense approach to law enforcement and issues such as illegal immigration.

Miller said that receiving the sheriff’s support is an honor.

“Nobody is more keyed in to what we are facing with respect to the illegal alien crisis,” Miller said. “He has been on the front lines of the fight for immigration law enforcement and border security for years and knows firsthand what is at stake.”

The veteran lawman explained why he feels Miller is the man for the job among the field of Republican hopefuls vying to replace Democrat Sen. Mark Begich.

“He is the only GOP candidate in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race who is 100 percent against amnesty and who will boldly confront the lawlessness of the Obama administration,” he said. “Joe is a man of his word who is truly the candidate of ‘We the People.’ I proudly endorse Joe Miller for the United States Senate and ask for every Alaskan who loves liberty to vote for Joe.”

Miller’s campaign also received a nod from Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life activist conceived through rape who, even in the eyes of some self-professed social conservatives, could have been murdered in the womb without objection.

In a recent debate, Miller discussed the issue of pregnancies caused by rape, citing a family close to his campaign with an adopted son from such a background.

“Why are we going to punish the sons and daughters for the fathers’ sins?” he asked.

Kiessling obviously agreed, explaining why she enthusiastically supports the Republican’s senatorial bid.

“Joe Miller is a hero to me,” she said, “someone who is willing to defend ‘the least of these’ without discrimination. I proudly endorse Joe!”

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