Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse Video on Obama Selective Service Fraud

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  1. WW from AZ says:

    This just proves beyond any doubt that the man in the White House is a fraud. The United States Congress should hold hearings and conduct an investigation into this usurper. Obama should be impeached and tried. If convicted he should then be charged with all of the felonies he and his appointees have committed, then do the time!


    • Donnamohler says:

      The only way any thing will happen is if each of us contact our REPS CONSTANTLY UNTILL SOMETHING IS DONE!!!

    • But they won't. We should all know by now that no one is going to do anything, unless all of us find a way to organize and put a stop to this. He will likely get re-elected, and after that it will be too late. If we don't find some way to stop this criminal prior to the elections this year, we will pay dearly, as will our children and their children.

    • jon graham says:

      congress… what kind of nut are you? congress owned by the dems and obummer . you think they'll do something? get real

  2. 32eagle says:

    This just adds to my disgust of the no good foreigner kenyan parasite-he is a criminal-why the hell be a damn traitor covering for this fool?-if I was a marine-guarding the bastard-I would have to be court martialed-but not after I took care of jailing this traitor in another country and not telling where- this country of people-our USA is divided over a damn sorry mulatto-elect a foreigner because he is black-and this is what we get-aint no George W. Bush to go back to-they wanted so badly to see him go-some went stupid

  3. sandykramer says:

    I've been convinced of Obama's usurpation for years. Not so the Mrs., however. She asked a question for which I have been unable to give a satisfactory ( to her ) answer. To wit: There are too many people "in the loop" to be covering up so many different falsifications. PLEASE ADVISE. ( I may lose a wife, but what price truth?)

    • Sandy: Your wife needs to pay attention because you are absolutely correct. Tell her to do her own investigation since she's not going to listen to your "husband" ranting.

    • Beverly says:

      That's easy. There are hundreds of people happy to be bought off. And too many ways they can hide a sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And what if they decide not to play the game? Gee, what a terrible automobile accident–or sudden unexplained suicide! What a pity!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      How many does she believe is in "the loop"? There's not that many actually. He has his inner circle that we all know is always dedicated. They do most of the "dirty" work. The one or two in Hawaii's Dept. of Health is really the only others that needed to be "persuaded".
      Anyone else was ordered not to release records. That's not being in the know but just following the law.
      Who else is she speaking of?

  4. Johnny Hiott says:

    All of congress and the supreme court should be arrested and jailed along with obama. Congress has allowed every single destructive act commited against America by obama. Ninty percent of congress is complicit and in collusion with obama to enrich themselves and destroy America. They all belong in GITMO as the enemy combatants of America they truly are.

  5. barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) is a TOTAL FRAUD !! He is protected by ALL LIBERAL COMMUNISTS of the DEMONCRAT & the MASS MEDIA MACHINE CULT PERIOD !!!
    They will say ANYTHING and of NOTHING to keep that American Dream killer in the White House !!!!

    Those "people" DO NOT have to be filled in on any strategy because they ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO FROM INSTINCT AS LIBERAL DEMONCRAT CULT MEMBERS !!!!

    4 more years of that FAKE, PHONY, FRAUD and America will NEVER be able to RECOVER, EVER !!!! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA !!!!



    • libdetester says:

      Agree. Sheriff Arpaio, and those with him, are one bunch of tough and brave people and need our support. Thank you Sheriff Joe!

  7. rocquedog says:

    Get ready folks. This is going to get ugly!!! The Imposter will never give up, nor will his handler Soros allow him to. Along with all his backers ie; Muslims, La Raza, Maldef, Mecha, Naleo , Lulac, Black Panthers, entitlement addicts and about 20 million Illegals, he, along with those Congressional traitors that helped put him in ofc., will fight to the end, and it's going to be a bloodbath.

    • libdetester says:

      I really hope your prediction, the bloody part, does not come true. I would really hate to see that. For our Country and our citizens. Having said that, we really need to fight to get the liberals/radicals out of office, out of the schools and colleges and especially out of the White House. WHOEVER the Republican nominee is I will support with everything I can do including money and time. BHO and the liberals need to go. Permanently.

    • Jeanne Clay says:

      I totally agree this IS GOING TO GET VERY UGLY! There are a lot of innocent people who are
      going to get hurt along the way, but these people are not going to go down WITHOUT A FIGHT! We have to remember that we are dealing with the CHICAGO MOB and everybody knows what happens when their power is questioned!

    • Melvin E. Holliday says:

      No Bloodbath, they will just ignore it as they have done all along. This story will soon die alongside all the other stories that have been killed to keep the usurper in office.

  8. Obama is a useless feeder and breeder.

  9. Obama goes to jail….
    This is change I can believe in.

  10. libdetester says:

    I've been very skeptical about this issue but now strongly think that BHO is a total fraud. Where does Sheriff Arpaio go from here? The U.S. Justice Dept–that would be useless. Whatever or wherever he takes it we need to help. Obama is a fraud in every way and needs to go

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      Because I know what the WORD OF GOD says about the end days and the fact that those days match almost perfectly the world today., It is my opinion that here will be nothing done about today's problems. I believe that GOD will take of it and when HE takes care of it it will remain corrected. It won't go bad, again. I believe we are in for some very bad days, as there is a tribulation coming up very, soon, I believe. I even believe the tribulation is already in action. There are several major points of events that have to come to p ass before JESUS returns and I believe that all the events have occurred.

  11. When is everyone going to just have enough of ALL our wicked masters?
    I am NOT seeking group members, I have a FREE PDF book that EVERYONE NEEDS , Trust me, Get it before it is BANNED! Just join for a second and it will be sent automatically and then exit, Then, enjoy.

  12. catherine Albeanese says:

    This has been going on for to long. Everyone knows this man is a fraud. Everyone in the congress and senate know. How in heavens are we going to get rid of him? Not even the candidates who are running against him will address any of this. They are determined to keep him in office. When they told us we have to pass the bill for his health care plan before we could find out what was in it should have been a big wake up call for everyone but, it wasn't. Now here we are 3 yrs later and he has given all of our money away, passed horrible laws, appointed terrible judges, and is bringing in muslims and terrorist from the middle east. Did you know the muslims are exempt from buying his health ins. Why because of sharia law. They don't believe in purchasing ins. so he made sure he put that in the bill. The man is a communist muslim who wants to be our dictator and destroy this country.

    • bellagram says:

      The Muslim faith does not forbid purchasing insurance, so your statement about them being exempt is false. What other statements you have made are false?

  13. Mutantone says:

    It could well be that it was in 2008 that he registered all part of the lies

  14. Captain America says:

    Sheriff Arpaio goes to the Provost Marshall of the military, because BO is, with fake documents,the fake head of he military. and the military needs to arrest any military frauds, as soon as the military tribunal finds him guilty.

  15. SEAN MURRY says:

    The SOB never served his country lying pos.

  16. Did the same person who did the selective service card also do the birth certificate? Both are said to be not just forged, but poorly forged.

  17. Scarlett says:

    I saw the pohony birth certificate he sent a lawyer out to Hawaii to pick up (and make). It was done using photoshop. We did not have photoshop in 1961. It was signed in 2011. It used the name of a hospital that did not exist in 1961. It was full of holes and wrong information. We used standard typewriters or handwritten birth certificates when he was born. It said his father was from Kenya. Kenya was not called that in 1961. Tons of bad information. Has anyone met anyone that went to school with him? Dated him? he is a full blown fraud and destroying America.

  18. He "Obama" is just about going to be arrested he do not have leg stand on now.

  19. Even on Fox news they say Obama is a good man, but they don't agree with his policies. I have believed since day 1 of his Presidency he planned and is still planning the ruination of America. Almost every thing he has done has weakened this great country.I also think he has even Fox news scared to really attack the truths of this Demon.

    • nightingayle says:

      Fox and others are afraid to say anything about Obama …they have to be careful what they say.

      . It is unfortunate that we are losing our freedom of speech also because of Obama and Hillary and other commmunists type people in our government..what happened to our freedoms and constitution???Obama , thats what..get rid of the fraud ASP

  20. AZ Rider says:

    I truly don't understand why there are so many people vehemently defending Obama on other forums. His record has been worse than dismal, he has divided this country like no other prez and he is a smug narcissist to boot. Now we have Sheriff Joe's take on the documents and the Obama worshippers are more resolute than ever in their defense of the guy. You would think these folks would be concerned over the findings versus being outraged that anyone would have the nerve to question documents that are full of holes. And my biggest frustration is with our lawmakers who continue to let this go on!

  21. Soros got his wish…the demise of the United States. He has the perfect storm by facilitating the installation of an illegal immigrant as President of the United States. The powder is dry, the traitors exposed, the day of reckoning is at hand. The Nazi smiles at the impending destruction …..

    • @frank95054,
      I have said the same thing so many times before, SOROS and others need to be stopped 1st. If they are left alone and we just focus on Obama, those traitors who are actually running the show just keep propping up new puppets to keep their agenda going!

  22. oldgringo says:

    We have been duped by the one world global elitist who control our own us government…..Why else would Obama be nominated for the nobel peace prize when he hadn’t done anything signifigent in his life other than being a community origanizer for a few year a a us senator for even less…..He never once voted on any thing other than make his mark as “present”…..This was before he became our us president…..After assuming office he receives an award of 1 million dollars from the nobel peace prize commission in Norway….Something stinks to high heaven in all this….We now have a war president who has received the nobel peace prize…..And for What?…..Can you image what the left would have said had the same thing happened with Bush…..Obama’s NPP is a Sham!

  23. Nyan Cat says:

    Lol this video! Obama 2012!

  24. nightingayle says:

    What he found out , we already knew..I thought he was going to find out more.. Courts won't do anything about his false social security number nor his proven false birth certificate.
    Obama pays them off with billions of our tax money and our country and our future is at stake.

    What good was this??? nothing that we didn't already know.. he is a fake and our communist and islam government will do NOTHING.

  25. nightingayle says:

    The government and elites already know he is not born here and been protecting him from the beginning…and of course our phony media.. I don't even watch them anymore…waste of time.
    The government knew he was a fraud and using him to bring on one world government and communism, as Agenda 21 he signed with UN..
    My question is…will they be able to control this arrogant muslim who believes in Sharia law…I am scared for our future and my grandchildren….he is helping the radical muslims take over control of many government agencies and judges..he gets away with everything because of all these traitors that belong in prison along with the fraud, Obama

  26. Also if you look at the number 8, in Obamas document the smaller circular portion, normally at the top, is at the bottom, which shows ANYONE WITH A BRAIN that 80 has been turned upside down from an 08.


  28. Beverly says:

    One more nail in the coffin. The good news is that this imposter when properly exposed will be shown as a traitor to this country. (Note I did not say "his" country.) He has signed documents illegally (and therefore they are all null and void) and received top secret briefings to which he is not entitled (and therefore can be tried and convicted for treason). Impeachment should only be the first and least painful of the punishments.

  29. Police hurt 2 year old child. http://www.injusticeeverywhere…...

  30. The Boss says:

    Now the sheriff has the evidence and he now needs to arrest him for fraud and treason. Probable cause is all that is needed. Sign the arrest warrent now Sheriff Joe and act upon it!

  31. William W says:

    If presented with the opportunity , a clear shot and the assurance that no one else would be harmed,I would sacrifice my life to take his.There is not nor will there ever be anyone who will do more damage to the Constitution and the freedoms all those before us have fought and given their lives for than the current individual who disgustingly sits in the place of the President of the United States . This imposter and family must go, along with the rest of the dead wood who sit in congress and the senate.We all must take matters into our own hands and stop this madness we have had to endure the last several years…It will get uglyier than anyone has ever seen it in this country ,the closer we get to November,and the best I can let you all know is , stock up on Food , Water , and Ammunition ,all you can possibly afford,for you will need it to survive..Hope to see you all when its over , if not ,let it be known ,we did not sit by idlely while our country was destroyed

    • Americangiel says:

      William: I agree 100% with you! Here's the problem: 45+ % of citizens will still vote for this A-whole!! What country did they grow up in? Why are common people still drooling over him? I do not get why people still drool over him as he continuously destroys the very country that most people's families fought and died for , yet , many will continue to support him. Im losing it !!!!! What is wrong with half of this country????

      • welfare is what is wrong with half of america… they dont want to give up their free stuff.. the only thing that is gonna stop this man is a revolution …. the working class pay for every lazy person to get a free life… and they refuse to give it up …. Obama keeps giving it to them so they will keep voting for him or whoever will give them more…

  32. It has been my thought that Obama poisened his maternal grandmother when he claimed she was near death, to shut her mouth to keep her from exposing him. He didn't even stay for that event.
    Will he be stopped from gaining a second term or will the communist in our government keep him there

    • nightingayle says:

      I agree with you that I have always felt he did something to silence his grandmother because at the time was a lot of questions on birth. that was important enough to stop his campaign and silence her and not wait for it naturally. as is he believes in ending life instead of helping to live longer..he is evil enough … I don't think he feels human life is that important by the way he wants to screw senior citizens and kill babies even babies after they are born, which is murder.
      Authroities are going to screw around with this until it is way too late for america..Obama's wants to destroy America and he is well on his way doing just that.

  33. we knew it all along, type obama communist and you fall off your chair with the results. he went to college on a foreign student scholarship which means he could not be a United States citizen!!!!!!

  34. Deborah says:

    i predict when the Obama 2012 bumper stickers come out there will be lots of fist fights in the streets. Some hate this imposter so much (myself included), we will be willing to fight for our country. The idiots who vote again for this evil fraud should get what they deserve and that should be at least a swift kick in the a$$.
    Andrew Breitbart's death is very suspicious.

  35. Ag Sole says:

    I don't necessarily agree with some of the conclusions reached by the Sheriff, but Obama needs to be impeached for a host of other crimes. NOBAMA 2012!

  36. The least action would be to remove Obama IMMEDIATELY pending further investigation, at least get him out of power to stop him from declaring more executive orders like WAR (for instance) A more formal investigation is in order. Immediate action NOW!
    The 25th. Amendment Section 4 was written to remove a sitting president temporarily…

  37. this man called mr president,is a usurper,and it makes no differance how many top ranking investegaters find this out, and spell it out to the public..we still have those who will back him based on color,communist ties..this man in my opinon was groomed for this big money and corrupt politicians..encluding those who were spouting, a thousand points of light..OWO..we have been sold out by our own government..why?.

  38. BrotherPatriot says:

    Impeachment is NOT the answer.

    It implies that Obama had a right to the seat he has usurped. The true answer is…


    This will help reverse EVERYTHING that he has done to us American's & our country. Please, those that have any influence in what is about to happen…Please follow this strategy to remove the criminal sitting in our highest office of the land.

    God Bless.

    • VirgoVince says:

      Don't forget, ARREST, first, for obozo and her sister, erica — and his entire cabinet!!

    • Weneedhopenotchange says:

      That is the only thing that can be done. I just hope that they will agree that the mistake was made letting him in and that every bill he has signed will no longer exist!

  39. lukeaduke says:

    It's what this country needs..I am tired of when I say something bad about NObama im told im racist and then I get this load of bullshit.. that "Nobama went and killed your osama" wtf ?? When did he become our osama?? "and den he be bringin home dem troops, and he be gettin all yall jobs and shit" ?? wtf I have no idea where most Americans get there info from. That without a doubt is the biggest load of crap I have ever herd… but these are the people that voted him in.

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      When you are called a “racist”, hold your head up high, and smile an American Racist Smile, for if calling you a racist means that you know right from wrong, and who means you well, as opposed to meaning you ill will, then there is nothing, not one damn thing wrong with then being a “Racist American Patriot”, no matter if you are a white or black “Pround Racist American Patriot”. I am called a racist also, but for me, it is a COMPLIMENT, not an INSULT as it was meant to be! If the fact that I can see, and have seen all along that this peice of excrement in office does not mean to uphold our Constitution, and that he means to destroy my country, then I do not see how anyone else can miss it. Many have, and for that, many will pay dearly for it, their deliberate stupidity will be the destruction of their RIGHTS AND PRIVILAGES also! We “racists” will not be the only ones to pay the price of their stupidity, they will also pay. However, maybe we “racists” can actually save us all from this path of destruction that they have caused us all by being the “racists” that we are called and standing for AMERICA and her freedoms and liberties, and standing firm and proud upon the blood that our forefathers shed for us all. America has given us much, and we as her citizens can do no less than what she and our ancestors did for us all. Being called names will not hurt any of us, but not doing our duty as American citizens will most surely hurt us all, in every way possible. Your Proud Racist American Sister.

      • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

        A “PS” to that……… there are no more “RACIST” people in this country than are the very ones who call others by this name, and most racist of all, are the BLACK PEOPLE OF AMERICA! We do not dislike Black folks half as much as they dislike us! I am truly sorry if this upsets any of the aforementioned “Black people”, but the fact is, black people have far more problems with we white people than we do with them! It is not we who murder them, white on black, but mostly, black upon black murders each day. Read the news and see. Yet, it is they who blame us for all the real or imagined “wrongs” done to the black people. Dallas Texas is a prime example of this fact, google it and see. Schools, murders and many other such instances where it is not the white people who are doing these things to the black communities. Amazing, to say the least.

  40. sonsandiego says:

    The Constitution does not support presidential nullification. That would be called a coup. You have to have Congress try him to have him removed (impeachment).

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