Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse Conclusion Video on Obama Birth Certificate

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  1. Traitor in Chief,
    A firing squad should be in order with a pay per-view option @ $25.00. All proceeds from the pay per-view revenue would go to ogranizations like Wounded Warriors.
    May God Please Bless America

    • Vince Carroll says:

      Nothing more than a Crap-Sniffing muslim infesting the White House—->>>No economic experience,NoWhite Mammy, No White Grandmammy(False trip to HI during campaign), No Birth Certificate, No cultural- Give & Take with international leaders, Chicago Mobster ties, at least 3 FRAUD Birth Certificates in the last 15 years(including India), US Baby Killer(Lying Swine-Flu scare forcing injections of Autism-Causing vaccine into American Babies–>>>only countries showing NO Flu are all Arab ountries!!)…Needs to be immediately arrested, Handcuffed, & jailed..

  2. wm W. Smith, Esq. says:

    "Barry Soetoro" (…you most likely know him as Barack Hussein Obama) is a narcissistic, egotistical, neo – Socialist ! …an ultra Liberal-Progressive ("dummy-crat" ! …a Tax and Waste, Nanny – State, professional "obfuscating" (entitlement) PIMP ! America needs Obama about as much as CUSTER needed another Indian !

  3. sandykramer says:

    I've been convinced of Obama's usurpation for years. Not so the Mrs., however. She asked a question for which I have been unable to give a satisfactory ( to her ) answer. To wit: There are too many people "in the loop" to be covering up so many different falsifications. PLEASE ADVISE. ( I may lose a wife, but what price truth?)

  4. SEAN MURRY says:

    We know this POS is fake.

  5. Barbara Anderson says:

    Why continue talking about IMPEACH——-get the ball rolling.
    Another 4 years of Obama will destroy us all. I have never
    experienced a President determined he had the authority
    to by-pass the House, the Congress & make changes in
    the U.S.A. way of governing……we must put a stop to all this.
    It gets worse every day……..HELP

  6. Gerry Q. says:

    Most Americans already figured that he changed his BC, as well as all his other (legal ???) documents. Seems that he's not really Our President huh???????

    Time for a Trial and Sentencing… such as Life in Prison without possibilty of parole for him, michelle, and his thugs in chief.

  7. And the Media continues their conspiracy. After the presentation, many media continually did their best to trap Arpaio in accusing Obama of criminal activities, and this went on after he stated that he is not accusing anyone ATT since investigation is not completed to that point.
    Will we hear anything about this in the news???
    Regardless of who committed forgery on such a grand treasonous scale, we do know at least one who is directly implicated and there will not be enough jail cells to hold all involved.

  8. obummer —traitor put in by shadow government worked for cia in afganistan and bush in russia before fall research it

  9. Ok, what now? We have known this POS in OUR HOUSE is a fake and a traitor, but what happens NOW!

  10. Barbara says:

    I don't understand how this man has been allowed to become President of the greatest nation on earth (actually, I don't believe we are the greatest nation any longer for many reasons, Obama being in power and control and becoming a dictator, is only one).

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