Sheriff Arpaio Ripped For Investigating Obama By Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck verges on foolishness in this attack on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He agrees with Arpaio that the Obama Birth Certificate is a fake, but Beck doesn’t want to do anything about it.

Thankfully, Arpaio actually takes his oath of office seriously and doesn’t turn his back on felonies the way Beck suggests he should.

He should wake up because the Obama owned US Justice Department would prosecute Glenn Beck in a second for a similar forgery.

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  2. This is one Black Basterd!

  3. beck hyour history. You have joined this black bastards team !!

  4. This is garbage. I would not be too surprised to see another released, after all they have had plenty of time to perfect a forgery. But then how will they explain last April's release?

  5. Phyllis Josleyn says:

    admin you wrote, "He should wake up because the Obama owned US Justice Department would prosecute Glenn Beck in a second for a similar forgery."

    What exactly is Glenn Beck guilty of forging???

    • Wildfire says:

      I think he was implying that "IF" Glenn Beck or anyone else was guilty of forging documents they would be prosecuted to the maximum limits of the law.

  6. NOBAMA2012 says:

    Beck along with any other reporter or media outlet as well as Congress and any and every level of the Judiciary are scared to speak out for justice and demand truth and integrity in our judicial system. For if they do speak out against Obama or his regime, they are in the unemployment lines or the morgue the very next day.

  7. Glen Beck is under Zionist sway. He had his enlightenment and is now a full time Jew. His show stinks and is pure prosetylization, a disgusting transformation for an inherently commie type operator. Glenn, if you read this comment, remember I hate you, you slime.

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      What IS your problem with the Jewish people? Seems to me that the Jews, the Israeli people, are the only real friends that we have in that region of the middle east. It was not they who bombed, and murdered the 3000 people on September 11, 2001. Get your races and most especially your friends in order, guest. We may help them a lot, but by and large, they are the best friends that we have over there. I take great exception to the slamming and put downs to the Jewish people. No, I am not Jewish, not a drop of Jew is in my veins, but if push came to shove, it is these people on whose side I would be. You are most welcome to call me a “Full Time Jew” if you like, or a racist pig, or any other uncomplimentary name you so choose, but it will never change my mind, or the way I feel about the Jewish people. Like Americans, they make mistakes also, and do things that are just wrong, but as of yet, it has not been the Jews who have lifted on finger against our nation. It was the filth that is called “mu slime”! If you must hate someone, find your local, unfriendly, and murderous low life mu slime, and hate them with all the passion you are capable of. My friends, the Jews, are not our enemy. Know your enemy. Know also, your real friends.

  8. I also use to watch Beck every day and learned alot when he was on. When he was on FOX he NEVER stood up for those who brought up the birth certificate issue. That really puzzled me, and made me turn away from Beck who actually thought those who took up the issue were crazy.

  9. This is why Beck has disappeared. He caught a wave by putting his finger in the wind at the right time. But he has shown he is not a conservative and his following has faded away.

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