Sharia Law Explained: How The Muslim Family Next Door Eventually Becomes Dangerous

Photo credit: Maryland GovPics (Flickr)

Our Islamist enemies constantly probe our defenses for weaknesses. Their leaders learn our ways and become familiar with how they can take over wherever they move to. When they are just a small minority, they remain quiet and observe us, waiting for their numbers to grow large enough to start their push to dominate us.

Locations that have from traces of Muslims to about 4% don’t feel their presence. This is the mobilization phase of their plan to eventually force Sharia law down our throats or cut the throats of those who resist them.

When Muslims get to 5% of a population, a tipping point is reached. They start with demands they know won’t alarm us. Who could be alarmed by calls for halal foods (compared to Kosher foods by their media useful idiots)? Why would anyone feel uncomfortable about providing places for religiously devout Islamists to pray – even in public places and even if built and maintained by our tax money?

Parts of America – Michigan and Minnesota — already have these prayer places at airports; and in England, the Netherlands, and the Philippines, supermarkets must provide halal foods.

At ten percent of a population, Muslim cab drivers start refusing riders they think are carrying alcohol or are accompanied by a dog (see Minneapolis and St. Paul). They will start to burn cars and attack non-Muslims daring to enter their neighborhoods, as they do in France.

When Muslims are 20% of a population, they will stone and murder those whom they even think have insulted Muhammad. They will force their way into control of government-run schools through the PTAs and turn them into madrasas teaching children to hate non-Muslims (as per Sharia Law.)

When Muslims reach 40% of a given population, they force their way into total control of everyday life at the point of a gun or the tip of a sword. This is the case in Bosnia and Chad–and the immediate goal in Nigeria.

At 60 percent of a population, Muslims will begin to persecute and demand conversion of their non-Muslim neighbors. When a country becomes 80 percent Muslim, it is lost forever; and the murders by cutting heads off start in the streets.

With Barack Hussein Obama’s help, the Muslim Brotherhood was well on its way to making Egypt an “ethnically cleansed” country free of infidels. It is only by the grace of God that Egypt was able to recognize the trap the Brotherhood set for her and marshal the strength to kick them out of power.

Here in America, it is for us–the Muslims’ intended victims–to always be on guard and be ready to counter Obama’s plans to blanket America with the sound of the Muslim call to prayer, something he has called the most beautiful sound in the world.

Photo credit: Maryland GovPics (Flickr)

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