Senator Threatens Obstruction In Pursuit Of Benghazi Facts

Lindsey Graham SC

Conservatives certainly have ample ammunition to use against South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, given his penchant to lurch leftward on issues such as border security. The veteran Republican, however, recently expressed a sentiment that resounds with patriots across the nation.

In an ongoing campaign to learn what really happened Sept. 11, 2012, during the Libyan attack that left four Americans — including Ambassador Chris Stephens — dead, Graham suggested he would block any upcoming federal government nominations until the administration releases details.

Though the State Department claims it never instructed survivors of the attack not to testify before Congress, many, including Graham, contend otherwise.

“Where are the #Benghazi survivors?” he asked via Twitter Monday, indicating that he is “going to block every appointment” that reaches his chamber “until they are made available to Congress.”

Despite several hearings regarding the attack, Graham indicated plenty of unanswered questions yet remain.

In a Fox New interview Monday, he said the “State Department is blaming the CIA, the CIA is blaming the State Department. Where was the Department of Defense?”

As he and a number of other legislators continue to petition for more information, Graham said he favors the formation of a joint select committee which would result in a combined investigation into the incident.

Considering the fact multiple reviews shortly after the attack indicated the consulate in Benghazi was unprepared for such a strike, he is not alone in his quest for resolution. Of all the scandals and accusations that have surrounded the Obama administration since 2009, the response to Benghazi is seen by many as the most outrageous.

The continued evasiveness of those directly involved just adds more fuel to the fire; and Graham wants to find out the truth. With a number of appointees scheduled to receive confirmation from the Senate in the near future, his promise to stymie those nominations could be effective.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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