Senator Ted Cruz Knocks The Government’s Economic Excuse “Out Cold” With This One Tweet

The U.S. economy reportedly shrank by 2.9 percent in the January-March quarter. As this is one of the worst rates in modern American history, the liberal party is desperate to come up with some sort of explanation. Their excuse, naturally, was the winter cold.

In response, Senator Ted Cruz sent out a clever tweet, rendering the government’s excuse obsolete:

There’s no question that the Winter of 1985 was unreasonably cold, but the administration did not allow the chill (or even the extreme nature of the “polar vortex”) to put a freeze on their growth. In fact, in that first quarter, the economy grew at a shocking rate of 4%. Imagine that.

It would probably be overreaching to venture that the political leanings of the administration have anything to do with the weather’s effect on the economy. So we’ll just chalk up former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s success as merely “good luck,” if that’s okay with you.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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