Senator: ‘Deliberate Plan by President’ To Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said yesterday that Americans need to stand up to “a deliberate plan by the president of the United States” to collapse the nation’s law enforcement system regarding illegal immigration.


This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think most Americans realize that the two tarbabies are out to collapse law enforcement.Since when can an AG decide what laws to enforce or even the president.They swore to uphold our laws not crap all over them.They even have some spic from LaRaza helping them.The president even got his illegal aunt and uncle to stay in America when they broke the law.If the press had any balls and went after these 3 we'd see a different story or if these congressional idiots had power to do something we might be able to mend what the 3 stoogies are doing.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    holder has so ignorantly stated that “citizenship to illegal citizens is a ‘civil right’”?!?

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