Senate Passes Immigration Bill

Pelosi Immigration Bill Big First Step SC Senate passes immigration bill

WASHINGTON — The Senate has passed historic immigration legislation offering the hope of American citizenship to millions, while promising a military-style surge to secure the border.

The vote was 68-32, eight more than needed to send the measure to the House. Prospects there are not nearly as good and many conservatives are opposed.

Read more at Official Wire. By David Espo.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Was there ever a doubt that the RINOS wouldn't vote for Cunky Schumers bill.The democraps played that Rubio turkey like a fiddle.I had hopes for Marco but all he is is another Lindshit Graham.

  2. Pelosi has never had a single thought of her own and she says this is a good first step? First step towards what ,,selling out US,Crime rate to go up,,more gun violence we already seen a few of the protest,,we have enough criminals of our own to deal with now we want to add more? How about lets secure the boarder deport and let them apply like any other lawful person wanting Citizenship..

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