Sen. Rubio’s Earth Isn’t About Science; It’s About Silence

Marco Rubio Official SC Sen. Rubio’s Earth Isn’t about Science; it’s about Silence

Huff-Po and the pop-culture scoffers seem unnerved of late over Sen. Marco Rubio’s statement about the mystery of the age of the planet earth. He told GQ’s Michael Hainey that many theories have been put forth, and all of them might be worthy of a look see. GQ spends more time on deciding who will make the list of ‘men of the year’ and the plague of erectile dysfunction, so just when did they take up the deep scientific question of origins?

The criticism of Sen. Rubio’s statements is at best hyper-dismissiveness, wrapped in a thin veneer of intellectual pride posing as reason. It is not simply pop-science that the emerging creation science speaks to, but it is every assertion of science that is accepted without deeper or even other scrutiny. For any science to be legitimate, it must grow up as it were and be willing to undergo a greater scrutiny; today’s Darwinism is not in any way allowing an alternate view or considering the latest discoveries and pertinent data. In this, and the slights against Rubio, the word “dilettante” comes to mind.

Perhaps the readers of Huff and GQ have little time between school, cool, and deciding who is a fool to actually question the speculated 4.5 billion years scientists have announced as the right number of years to create and age the earth. Is scoffing now an element of empiricism? Have the heady taken up juvenile sliming to polish the rust spots in highly disputable scientific speculation? Creation Science has a lot to say about bloated, untested, un-witnessed speculation; but the Darwin train left the station long ago, and the evolutionists won’t be back to better reasoning for a long time.

It is nothing short of amazing that evolutionists need almost 5 billion years to explain or age one of the smallest planets in the universe, but only a three-second blast to create the whole universe at the unlikely event known as  the big bang. That the un-created gases should all come into the same neighborhood at the most propitious moment in history and react sounds more like someone had a serious bang to the head and a theory emerged. If these are the people laughing at the God believers, we might want to just ignore them rather than waste time in debate.

The greater likelihood is that the academically indoctrinated and dumbed-down cookie cutter punch-outs are moving preemptively against a brilliant and popular Senator who, after all, may be on the Republican list for a 2016 run at the White House. It isn’t about science; it’s about silence.

Keeping anything Rubio says silent is obviously the goal. Rubio clearly stated “I’m not a scientist”, but that is not what they care about. They didn’t need to ask him if he was a politician, a statesman, or a contender; that’s understood.

Not understanding either divinity or the power divinity holds is part and parcel to all secularism, whether it is brought on by indoctrination, indifference, or a need to stay within culturally accepted social parameters. It is what keeps the pseudo-scientists from explaining how the gases for the big bang came into being in a creator-less universe.

It is what keeps the self-assured from knowing how eyes, withered limbs, missing flesh (lepers), and other maladies that would require months or years to re-invigorate were replaced in seconds when Jesus Christ prayed over the diseased.

It is the absence of any explanation for the production of enough bread and seafood to feed 5,000 people coming from only a few loaves and fishes. No fishing vessels were sent out, and no bakeries were engaged; and the time to produce all these victuals was perhaps 15 minutes.

Nobody can remember when, where, or how long it took to create the world; but Jesus invoked the power of memory to witness the lightning speed of the power of God in the miracle of the loaves and fishes. To wit:

Do ye not yet understand, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets ye took up? (Mt 6: 19)

I have taken the time to remember and have long since formed this opinion, and I have no intention to run for any office in my lifetime. Those who think God could not and would not create our world in seven days or seven thousand years have yet once again underestimated the power of the almighty God. He could and would, if he chose, create this world in seven seconds.

The extra time may have been taken just to make sure all the goods and gifts of creation were here for us, the unbelieving, the un-thankful, and believer alike. Unlike the evolutionists, I am willing to admit that this is purely speculative; but my guess is as good as theirs!

It is almost impossible to explain to those who will not hear that man will always take the path of least resistance. Adding dignity and perhaps some credence to certain discoveries through science often is just manipulation of the facts and a lot of ‘just trust me’ coming from authorities.

We look at all the facts to determine if they are correct; but when a predisposition driven by human pride is in play, we accept conjecture and speculation from science. And the scientists become very authoritarian, priest-like inquisitors and judges who sit and decide against those who not only dare to think, but whose empirical findings are in conflict with the status quo.

People of faith are not allowed to question any part of scientific conclusion, and scientific authoritarians refuse to accept any part of the faith message. The scientists seem to have won at the very same time they have lost everything. Truth, subjective or objective, cannot always be empirically determined. Thus, when placed up against prophecy (the forth-telling of the will and counsel of God), science will always come up short.

This writer has always been amazed at the preponderance of speculation used by scientists today. No one dares to question them on the smallest matters, much less the very creation of the universe. Any speculation about what took place billions of years past would be missing any eye witnesses and untold decayed, deterioration, and non-existent proof for modern eyes to subject to repeatable observable scrutiny. It is the echo of God’s answer to Job that comes to mind:

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. (Job 38: 2, 3, 4)

How pompous that now science has presumed to determine not just who is intelligent but who has character, who is qualified to be a statesmen or a leader. My answer to this nonsense is simple: the scientists are now cleared to come down out of the clouds and come in for a landing.


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  1. Steve Lance says:

    You are a big part of the reason that the agnostics and atheists are growing at a plague-like rate. Your off hand dismissal of scientific theory would be humorous if it didn't effect so many gullible people that are searching for REAL answers to nature's dilemmas. You should really stop criticizing things (science) that you have no ability to understand.

  2. What the heck is the difference of how old the earth is? I just want to know how old the president is.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      I believe he may be 16 sixteen years old, he acts like a kid with America's credit card, spending away with no regards to the taxpayer's money and taking 36 vacations on taxpayer's expense. He spends our money and give it away to our enemies to the point of a economic crash, leaving this country broke and broken. He is a real loser and many losers voted this loser back in office.

  3. Besides the fact that Marco rubio is NOT legal to run for pres. (his parents were cuban born) and besides the fact that he doesn't know what he is talking about…i won't vote for the man because he has as much backbone as a jellyfish! The man had a chance to stand up to andfor the TRUTH and he did not! Science does prove that this earth is a "YOUNG" earth…The magnetic field, the population proves it the fossil facts proves it (How do you get fossils from the ocean on Mountains) and the degrdation rate also proves it.. So…God said HE created the earth in six days…what does that mean?

    • His ineligibility needs to be talked about and talked about NOW before the Good Old Boys (aka GOP) nominates another loser.

  4. IT maens that ix, 24 hour days are exactly as it is written…There is no need to interprete..It stands as it is written. The TRUTH is: the trees/flowers/herbs/green thigs were created on the 3rd day,(Genesis 1) and the sun/moon/stars etc were created on the 4th day…NO plant. tree. herb etc can live for very much and will start dying after 24 hours w/out sunligh!

  5. see God just did this creation thing to confound the wise. the trick to interpretation is to figure out who is talking, and then to whom is being talked to then ask yourself am i the one who is being addressed. Is it the Jew, the gentile or to the Church, or is it is History or to the past, present or the future. Is it spiritually or allagorically…(i.e. stop pulling my leg or yu brickhead or etc) then take EVRYTHING literally unless it can't be taken that way! the apply it to the nation or person(s) or entity as applicable..Simple really IF you beleive what was said and believe what was said…

  6. Even if you can't understand it! it may NOT be for you or it may be that you are not ready to understand it but will in time! Please stop trying to make the bible what you think it should say and adjust your way of thinking to what the Bible says….Incidently, I am talking about "THE BIBLE…God's Word…A King James Bible…Not a Nutty idoits Version or a Nutty Assine Version or a new King jimmy version! Etc They are NOT Gods Word they are the word of Satan…IF it isn't KJV…IT IS NOT Bible!! Is there a problem w/that ? let's contend…you can NOT prove me wrong!!!

  7. While a civil, intelligent discussion of these matters is healthy, the relevance is questionable and pertinent to each individual. I think John Lennons mother had it right when she told him the purpose of life is to be happy. How can you be happy when all you do is argue about everything. What does it really matter how old the earth is. Ten billion, one hundred billion, a trillion? So what?

    The question was only asked to cause just what is being caused. Arguement plus the attempt to make a republican appear to look silly.

    Grow up everyone.

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