See Why This Reluctant Republican Says He Might Be Forced To Impeach Obama After This…

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Responding to the recent House vote allowing a lawsuit against Barack Obama to move forward, Iowa Rep. Steve King addressed accusations that Republicans are only trying to score political points against the current administration. In a Fox News interview, the congressman asserted that something must be done to address Obama’s misuse of executive power, particularly in the implementation of ObamaCare.

“It’s not about mad, it’s not about hate, it is about the Constitution,” he told ‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace. “And the president has just simply decided that he can amend the law has … his signature on it, the law says that the employer mandate shall commence and each month after December of 2013.”

Obama unilaterally updated that requirement, King noted, despite the fact that it had been proposed and passed by his own party and signed into law by his own hand.

“The Constitution is very clear,” he added. “Take care that laws are faithfully executed.”

When the conversation turned to Obama’s stance on immigration, King reluctantly acknowledged that extreme measures might be needed to prompt him to uphold the nation’s current laws.

“None of us want to do the thing that’s left for us as an alternative,” King admitted, “but if the president has decided that he simply is not going to enforce any immigration law or at least not against anybody except the felons,” then the growing call for his impeachment warrants further investigation.

“I think Congress has to sit down and have a serious look at the rest of this Constitution and that includes that ‘I’ word that we don’t want to say,” he asserted.

King said he hopes the looming potential of impeachment will encourage Obama to uphold the law and refrain from implementing amnesty for those crossing the border illegally.

If the current administration continues down its current path, however, he concluded that impeachment proceedings should not be off the table.

“I think then we have to start, sit down and take a look at that,” he said. “Where would we draw the line otherwise? If that’s not enough to bring that about then I don’t know what would be.”

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Start in October with impeachment of holder. He is already in contempt of Congress (“you don’t want to go there, buddy”, what an uncouth thug), and that will be the catalyst to start the ball rolling which everyone is afraid to start. Remember the Lying King always forgets who does and who doesn't obey the rule of law that made America the greatest republic in the history of the world, and not a dictatorship that he and his crony clowns want. Impeach obama for the many treasonous acts of aiding and abetting terrorists (Benghazi, al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, the Gitmo 5, sending $millions to Hamas, how many more examples are needed?). And look at all the scandals related to just voter fraud (IRS, illegals, corrupt appointments, injustice Justice Dept suing states over voter ID, how many more examples are needed?), and just wait for the massive voter fraud that will make Republicans lose in November and make our voting process totally worthless. Please spend my tax money getting rid of this clown via suit or impeachment, but my money would be better spent buying the first bullet to put this dog down.

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