See Why This Muslim Leader In Philadelphia Tried To Chop Off This Guy’s Arm

Photo credit: Ben Murray (Flickr)

Though it has yet to gain traction on a larger scale, a movement within America to implement Sharia law has nonetheless continued to attract support. The brutal Islamic justice system calls for violent retribution for many criminal infractions in compliance with the faith’s code of conduct.

Philadelphia police claim that a disturbing example of domestic adherence to the philosophy recently took place in the city’s southwest section.

Detectives report that Merv Mitchell – known as Mabul Shoatz – was the target of an investigation related to the attempted amputation of a suspected thief’s hand. Following a search of his home late last week, the 37-year-old was arrested for his suspected involvement.

According to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer, a 47-year-old member of Mitchell’s mosque was believed to have stolen cash from the Masjid Ar-Razaqq Ul-Karim mosque following a prayer service last week.

The suspected theft prompted Mitchell and his imam to chase the suspect outside, where he was cornered and detained.

After the pair placed the victim’s arm on a log, Lt. John Walker said, Mitchell “swung at his wrist, cut through his skin and cut his tendons,” noting his hand was not completely severed due to a dull blade.

Despite Mitchell’s initial claims of innocence, police recovered sufficient evidence to support an arrest.

The machete allegedly used in the incident was recovered at Mitchell’s home – which also serves as his mosque.

Nevertheless, the incident caused significant damage to the victim, which reports show will require hospitalization and surgery.

As for Mitchell, police have charged him with several counts related to the incident, including aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. According to Walker, police are prepared to arrest the 35-year-old imam who was also allegedly involved in the illegal pursuit of Sharia justice.

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  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    what cvan you say these are the people Pres. Obutthole thinks are te salt of the earth.He even makes them cabinet members.This man Merv Mitchell should have his balls cut off during his prison sentence.

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