See Why Sarah Palin Had To Tell This Anti-Republican TV Show To Get Lost

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There is little question that, six years after being named John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin remains a hot commodity in various sectors. Her Tea Party supporters hold her up as a plainspoken defender of their values, while many on the left try their best to discredit her homespun wisdom.

The producers of HBO’s hit drama series ‘True Blood’ apparently belong in the latter category. As Palin recently explained in an interview with Breitbart, executives contacted her about a possible appearance in the show, which she immediately declined.

“The brilliant minds of ‘True Blood’ were brazen enough to ask me to do a cameo on their show,” she recalled, “apparently so they could insult a conservative woman instead of all conservative women in general.”

Her suspicion was bolstered after learning of a character’s profane reference to “a Republic—t” in the program’s most recently aired episode.

The same episode also referred to supporters of conservative Sen. Ted Cruz as “a—holes,” Breitbart reported.

Palin noted that the HBO’s offer was presented amiably, which she said was “perhaps to benefit from a surprise factor after the guest appearance.”

Relying on her own judgment, she turned down the request. This experience, she noted, is just one of many instances in which leftist activists use disingenuous means in an attempt to ridicule and demean their ideological adversaries.

“To producers who throw these deceitfully flattering bones that sound fun on the surface,” she said, “is it really any wonder I don’t accept your offers to participate in your shows?”

She gave the premium cable network credit for the attempt, though.

“Nice try, HBO,” she said, concluding these producers are part of the real ‘war on women’ being waged in America today.

“Keep engaging in your misogynist attacks on women you disagree with and we’ll see who wins your self-inflicted war in the court of decent public opinion.”

Photo credit: R. Gino Santa Maria /

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